10 Awesome Breadboard projects

“Evolution is in the genes of technology”. Evolution in the field of technology has gone past beyond its limit and certainly will evolve further in the coming years. It has no limit as if it is flying in the open skies that are infinite. There have been many cool innovations and evolution in the past decade. However, today we at Eckovation will explore about one of the best innovation of circuit boards-breadboard and will also give you 10 awesome breadboard project ideas.

Today in this digital world, while talking about circuit boards, printed circuit board always comes first in our mind because of its vital role in modern electronic equipment. The advantages of PCBs are such that it has left behind Breadboard far away and is ruling the modern electronics sector.

However, as we know every innovation is important and without innovation, there will be no evolution. Therefore, Breadboards are very important in the field of electronics technology. Breadboards are the best circuit boards for electronic experiments as it is solderless boards and are reused repeatedly. However, to implement any circuit in PCBs, it is first designed in breadboard because it is easy to check the working of various circuits and fault if any. Hence, it is a cost-effective board. Now let us move forward and see what aweome projects we can do on a breadboard.

In engineering, projects always play a vital role for the students as all the theoretical knowledge is implemented on it. So let us explore some cool breadboard projects that are trending in this era.

10 Awesome breadboard projects

Dancing LED with music

While playing any audio we have seen the music visualize dance, now it’s time for the LEDs to dance with the beats of music.


In this project, you will design a circuit on a breadboard that will make the LED dance with the music. The major components required in this project are- Breadboard, LED, Transistors, capacitors, resistors, MIC condenser, DC power supply, and connecting wires.

Super Sensitive intruder alarm


Suppose an unknown person enters your house without your acknowledgment. How will you react? Now you can stop worrying and relax because this project will help you to design a circuit that will alert you when an intruder enters your home. This circuit alerts you by producing some sound.

Major components required- capacitors, 555 timer IC, Resistors, Breadboard, speaker, POT, DC power supply, IR Sensor Modem, and connecting wires.

Clap Triggered LED

Have you ever on/off any equipment by clapping or finger snaps. If not then you can do it in this project.

clap triggered

In this project, you will design a circuit that will control the LED by clapping or finger snaps. As per your convenience, one can increase/decrease the distance of the circuit from your claps by just changing the sensitivity.

The major components required are- condenser, Breadboard, resistors, transistors, 555 Timer IC, capacitors, DC power supply, and connecting wires.

Water level indicator

water level indicator

It is the equipment used to indicate the level of water/fluid inside a container. Water overflows and hence wasted if we are not acknowledged whether the container is full or not. However, in many industries, it is used for maintaining the water level inside the tank.

You can easily make this project with the help of breadboard and other components like Buzzer, Transistors, resistors, LEDs, DC power supply and connecting wires.

Smoke Alarm System

smoke alarm

The smoke alarm system is now widely used everywhere. It is a system detects smoke and warns people by horn sounding. In early days, there were huge losses of life due to the unavailability of this system. People used to be unaware of this and result in loss of life. According to the NFPA report in 2015, 38% of deaths occurred in a home with no smoke detector and 21% death occurred where the smoke detector did not work.

Let’s see the components to design a simple smoke detector using a breadboard. Major components are- thermistor, resistor, OP-Amp (LM358), pot, DC power supply, and connecting wires.

Dark Sensor

dark sensor

What happens when your LED turns on when there is a low intensity of light? Automatic? Yes. It is similar to the automatic street lightening system. Isn’t it cool? Let us find out the components for a simple dark sensor circuit. You will require a resistor, transistor, LED, LDR, DC power supply and connecting wires.

Fastest finger first

I guess you have heard this before. Where? KBC or any other quiz shows. Yes, it is that fastest finger first test or buzzer game. The aim of this game is to press the button faster than your opponent. Once done with the question, it is then reset for the next question and hence the game continues.

In this project, you can design a simple circuit of fastest finger test using AND gate IC, Flip-Flop, push buttons, 555 timer IC, LEDs, capacitors, diodes, DC power supply, buzzer, and connecting wires.

You can also look for more awesome breadboard projects below.

  • Traffic Lights

  • Smart Fan

  • Kitchen Timer

  • Automatic Toilet delay lightning

  • Dual LED Flasher Circuit

  • Blinking LED circuit

  • Automatic point based calling bell

  • Basic Remote Tester

  • Static Electricity Detector

  • The Fading LED

  • Manual Counter

  • Ticking BOMB

  • Electronic Dice

  • Number Guessing system

  • Whac-a-mole game

And many more

In conclusion, Breadboard is the greatest innovation of the 1970s. Its application is tremendous and is used everywhere for experimentation. If you want to go for solderless projects go with the breadboard, the best economical circuit board. For other project ideas click this link: https://engineering.eckovation.com/

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