10 things first year Engineering student must know

First year of engineering is one of the most important years for an engineering student, A year that sets the tone for a normal individual to a possible Engineering degree. The degree that’s considered one of the toughest in the world. More importantly it’s a year that sets the tone for next 4 years of Engineering.


So lets get this straight, you studied hard during your high school days. Set time table every day. Combined your day and night to get admission in engineering, and you have finally made it , but again if you don’t take proper steps during your first year of engineering you may miss some opportunities during your next 3 years. So hear are the 10 things every First year engineer should be aware of.

1. It’s the start of your Professional Life

In Engineering you are going to learn tons of new concepts in a very short period of time and whatever you learn has some sort of practical application in your life. Programming logic of dynamic website such as Facebook, Twitter are based on C languages. Mechanical problems are something that truly exist in real life. KVL KCL are just not laws but they are electrical phenomenon related to current and voltage that take place in each and every electronic appliance.


1st year in Engineering gives you a pre tour of what your professional life is going to be.


2. Tough for weak Hearted

“Engineering is tough” , “1st year is too tough to crack” This is one line you may listen more often from your immature seniors. Off course Engineering is tough, quite challenging. But always remember  one thing, nothing great has been achieved without some pain and suffering.


Tip – When someone demoralize you, think of other successful engineers in your circle. Focus on the outcome and take advice from someone sensible.


3. A year to strengthen your base as an Engineer

This is a year where your batteries are going to drain out totally. College life from 9-5, a year when everything will seems new. Things will be presented to you in a complicated way(don’t confuse them as being difficult) which most teenagers don’t figure out. Strengthen up the base of your specialize subject.This preparation will pave way for your future successes.

4. Engineers Day

15th september is celebrated every year as Engineers Day in India, as it is the birthday of legendary Engineer Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaray (1861-1962).

5. Friends are your keys to success

Engineering is all about teamwork, your are like an athlete in a  “Relay” race rather than thinking of  yourself as a sprinter who runs alone.

Always keep one thing in mind every teenager you come in contact with are scholars in their own right, so never judge anyone small.

Be with this circle of people who inspire you, help you to find your motive in life, share things with you and push you forward every single day.


In Engineering

“if you want to go fast walk alone but if you want to go far have a team”


6. It is Normal for Bookworms

Engineers are smart, creative,  they are the people who amass tons of knowledge(or are force to learn so much during their hectic study schedule) in the 1st year itself.

When your enter your 1st year of Engineer many people will tempt you into believing that getting First class should be your only goal in college, which is totally wrong. If this is  your point of view in the 1st year you may end up being a bookworm who has no creativity, limited knowledge and at the end you may start doubting your smartness.

7. It is easy for guys and girls who have imagination

Follow your instincts,  listen to your gut feelings, move fast take risk. Its okay to try Big Things, it is better to try something and having it not work rather than trying nothing at all. Only when you imagine you will go beyond what’s possible. Imagine things in your mind whatever you write in real life.

This point may hardly make any practical sense right now but if you focus your mind on some specific goal this one point will make sense to you.

8. Safe Zone

Engineering is brutal, awesome, full of KT’s, it is what you imagine it to be. And so it’s really important to develop an positive attitude in the beginning.


Its about having fun, you may end up being in company of people who smoke, drink, may suffer break up’s, you will go through the high point of your life as well as the lowest low, regardless of whatever your situation maybe, make a promise to yourself to be in a safe zone.

“ATKT(Allowed To Keep Term) is like a WAKE UP call. But a yearly drop can destroy your spirit, don’t ever let that happen to you.”

9. Every Single day you should master your Craft

These things include FOLLOWING point no 1, 3, 7, 8. thoroughly.

ACTIONS produced on a daily basis create Habits,Good or Bad.Your choice makes the difference.


10. Imagination is more important than knowledge

 ” Imagination is more important than knowledge “

–        Albert Einstein 

Lets get this last one straight up. Whatever you study in Engineering are the fact’s , innovations or discoveries which great visionaries have discovered during the peak period of their life.

Newtons discovered the 3 laws of Physics, things related to gravity.

Albert Einstein introduced us to E=MC2..

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates saw computers as a tool that can enrich peoples life and created a whole personal computer Industry.

These are few people who worked with very limited resources and created something out of their own thought process that had no existence before.

 “Some see whats possible that’s knowledge

 other change whats possible

 through IMAGINATION.”

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Source: EngineersDream

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