11 Must Do Things in First Year of Engineering

Now You have completed the journey of School Life and have taken it upon yourself to further your academics into the daunting realm of Engineering.

Brace yourself, this is going to be a biggie.

The  next 4 years of your life will change your thinking, perspective,  outlook, in short it will frame your personality to a large extent.  Though you’d have heard this, i want to say this again Don’t waste time. 

Let’s Explore the 11 Most Important Thing Which Your Should Do in First Year of Engineering:

1. Enjoy, Make a huge group of friends:

Believe me or not, these 4 years are probably going to be the most awesome time of your life. Cherish every moment, make friends, have fun, go crazy, play games, stay awake all night doing random discussions with your friends, create memories. Do everything to make sure that you don’t have any regrets after these 4 years. But at the same time, do make sure that no one gets hurt in the process including yourself.

2. Study well, Grades are important:

Make sure you manage to get decent grades. It is really going to be important after you are done with engineering, whether you have to go for higher education or apply to some of the best companies in the world.

3. Get involved in Everything, Curriculum, Co-Curriculum, Extra-Curriculum:

Go out, get involved in as many activities as you can, both technical and cultural, as an organizer or a participant. You will always end up learning something. This will help you improve your skillset, interpersonal skills and most of the all your confidence. Do anything but please don’t keep lying in your rooms!!!

4. Learn to give and take respect:

Learn to be humble to people from different cultures, backgrounds and geographies. Try to diversify your friend circle as much as possible. Treat people well irregardless of their position, whether it is the director of your college or the tea vendor who sits outside your college, give respect to all. This will really help you to be able to connect to people throughout your life.

5. Stay out of trouble, all sorts of it:

I will not ask you to never drink or smoke, its your choice, but please make sure you are always in control of yourself.

6. Stand up for yourself and for people around you:

Don’t tolerate anything wrong, whether it is happening to you or anyone around you (whether they are your friend or not). Stand up, fight (in a non violent way :P), don’t worry about the consequences and make sure things fall in place. Stay united with your batchmates.

7. Travel and Explore the World

Do whatever you want, just make sure when you come out of college, you can say this to yourself.

8. Not limit Yourself to your Department!

9. Make a list of things which you always wanted to do and do it

10. Build Yourself to Get a summer internship

One of the best ways to get an impressive portfolio is the summer internship. Internships help a lot in building your resume; they depict to potential employers that you can commit to a long-term role and work in a team

Do whatever you want, just make sure when you come out of college, you can say this to yourself.

11. Dream, Act, Achieve!


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