20+ Awesome Bluetooth Projects

While talking about short-range wireless communication, Bluetooth is the best technology that is developing year by year. From the year 1994 when Bluetooth technology came to the mart, its gaining popularity without any destination point to reach. The main purpose of this technology is to say GOODBYE to the wired cable communication. Although we have Wi-Fi for wireless communication which may have its transmission range and speed higher than the Bluetooth technology. But it is not free. Bluetooth we can say is an accessible free technology as it is inbuilt in almost all the electronic devices. We need not pay extra to transfer data or voice from one device to the other over a short distance wirelessly using Bluetooth.


Bluetooth uses less power and radio frequency to transfer data and voice. It operates in the unlicensed ISM band from 2.4 GHz-2.485 GHz. ISM band is an industrial, scientific and medical radio band that is a part of the radio spectrum which is internationally reserved for the use of radio frequencies. It is called unlicensed because anyone can use it without a license. Bluetooth uses this ISM frequency bands to transmit data between two devices.

The process of connecting two devices is called pairing. For Bluetooth communication between two devices, both must have a transmitter as well as the receiver. Bluetooth devices create a PICONET, which is a kind of network used to connect one device to several other devices. However, Bluetooth devices work on seventy-nine different frequencies and the devices vary the frequencies 1600 times a second to avoid interference. To avoid interference means this same ISM band is also used by microwaves and wifi.

So, gathered sufficient information about this technology. Lets now jump to the list of the project ideas on this technology.

Innovative Bluetooth projects

1. Smart Bluetooth door lock

smart door

No more keys you need to lock an unlock a door. Suppose you are doing some important work and you are far away from the door, someone knocks at the door. You can easily unlock the door using this Bluetooth technology project. Using Bluetooth communication you can lock your door from inside when you are out for a dinner. Isn’t it cool? All you need to design this project is an Arduino UNO Board, Servo Motor, a Bluetooth module for the wireless communication between the Android app and the Arduino. You have to also use EEPROM for the data storage to know the status if it is locked or unlocked.

2. Bluetooth notice board

notice board

In an organization to give a notice in the notice board, we have to write the notice then print it on a paper and finally clip it on the notice board. It takes time. But in this project, you don’t need to go for these various processes to clip a notice. You just need a microcontroller, a Bluetooth module, a transformer, an LCD display and other components to design an electronic notice board. All you have to do it is connect your android device Bluetooth with this Bluetooth module. Then using a software, type the message you want it on the noticeboard. Finally, your notice will be displayed on that LCD. The notice paper replaces with LCD display.

3. Bluetooth Robot


Robotics is the technology which is developing at a rapid pace to replace humans. However, in this project, you will be able to build a robot which is controlled using Bluetooth technology from your Android device using a specified software.

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4. Voice controlled home automation

voice controlled

Now you don’t have to tap your finger to control your home appliances. By giving commands like the light on, fan on, light off, fan off, you can easily control the switching of these appliances. A one step farther towards the development of automation. This is the cool project you can choose and also develop it further. The major component of these projects is the Arduino Uno board, Bluetooth module, LED display, LED bulb, DC fan, relay driver and along with some minor components. You need an android phone for Bluetooth communication with the board and your mobile to monitor the voice command using a specific software.

5.LED pattern controlled device

led pattern

If you are interested in making patterns. This will be the best project for you. Suppose you want your LED to glow in a pattern. You make a pattern on your android mobile using a software and the same pattern will glow in that Arduino board which has a LED display, microcontroller, Bluetooth module with which your Android phone is connected and some other minor electronic components.

6.Key finder


Everyone once in a 24 hour period finds their important keys here and there. Yes, we forget every time where we keep it. Don’t worry this mini project will help you to find your keys easily. All you need is a Bluetooth module, a microcontroller, a buzzer and a few minor components. You need to connect a Bluetooth receiver in your keys. Your device will automatically detect your keys if it is within its Bluetooth range by blowing the buzzer. Now no more wastage of time to find your keys.

7.Vehicle starter fingerprint authorization


It is a very smart technology in which you will be able to start your vehicle using your fingerprint. In this project, you will need a fingerprint sensor, a microcontroller, a demo vehicle which you want to start, a Bluetooth module to start ON/OFF the device and a DC source. All you first need to do is enroll to become an authorized person to start the vehicle. You can enroll up to ten persons in case you have a family car. This is a cool one in the list of Bluetooth projects. Now you don’t need to carry your keys to drive a vehicle all you need is your fingerprint.

Nevertheless, the list continues. Look for more cool projects below.

  • Bluetooth controlled mini lift

  • Bluetooth controlled railway crossing gates

  • Smartwatch

  • Streetlight monitoring

  • Antenna positioning system

  • Bluetooth based hovercraft control

  • Voice controlled password security

  • Vehicle tracking system

  • Alarm control using Bluetooth

  • Bluetooth controlled racing car

  • Heart rate monitoring system using Bluetooth

  • Soil Moisture measurement

  • Gesture Controlled Robot

  • Fingerprint Identification door lock system

  • Bluetooth Boat

  • DC Motor Control using Bluetooth

  • Bluetooth audio system

  • Countdown Timer

& many more

In conclusion, Bluetooth technology is evolving since its discovery by Jaap Hartsen in 1994. Bluetooth 1.0 had a transfer speed of 434kb/s. However, today the scenario has changed. Latest Bluetooth version is Bluetooth 5.0 with a transfer rate of 2Mbps. The difference is huge then 1.0. It is just the sign of development in this field. Bluetooth made this modern devices gadgets cable free.

Drop your comments below and keep motivating us.

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