20+ Best Communication Projects For Engineering Students

communication projects

Communication is the process of establishing a connection between two points for transmission of information. This information can be anything like speech, music, picture, video or computer data. These are called the sources of information. However, these sources of information is basically a signal that carries the information. Thus we need a communication system to communicate or to carry these signals between two points.

Different communication equipment together makes a communication system.  Here is the block diagram of a communication system.

communication system


  • Information source produces the required message like speech, data, etc that is to be transmitted.
  • Input transducer accepts this information source and converts this message into an electrical signal.
  • The transmitter transmits these electrical signal into the channel.
  • Channel is the path where these signals travel. Channels are of two types wired and wireless. Wired channels are telephony cables, co-axial cables, OFC, etc. Whereas wireless channels are RF link, satellite channel, mobile radio channel, etc.
  • Noise is the unwanted signal that causes disturbances in the transmission of the signal. We cannot delete the noise. But yes we can minimize its effect.
  • Receiver accepts this transmitted signal from the transmitter and then passes the signal to the output transducer.
  • The output transducer converts the electrical signal back to the original signal i.e speech, data etc and passes to its destination point.

This is how a communication is done. It’s a long process but it is operated in a fraction of seconds. This is what technology is all about.

However based on the nature of the information signal communication system are classified into two categories- a) Analog Communication b) Digital Communication.

I am not going to explain this because you will go through it in your semester. Let’s move to our focused topic i.e. PROJECT. In this content, we will emphasize on the project for these communication channels.

As we have gone through that channels are of two types wired and wireless. But will you go with a wired connection? I guess no because the entire generation wants freedom from wires. It’s a kind of a mess. So let’s talk about wireless.


1.Wireless power transfer

wireless power transfer

How cool it would be if you will be able to transfer electricity wirelessly. A professor at MIT discovered wireless electricity or WiTricity. He revealed that the science behind WiTricity is magnetic coupling. If two magnetic resonators coupled mostly through their magnetic field then transfer of electric energy takes place. The aim of the project is to build a device that could wirelessly charge a battery or an electronic device. This technology will bring revolution in the field of electricity. Soon no more wires will be visible in this world.

2.Streetlight control using wifi


This is a cool project which uses the sensor technology & internet access and turns ON/OFF the street light during sunset and sunrise. In the other way, you can turn ON/OFF the light whenever you require. With the help of this technology, you can also OFF or dim up the light where it is not required. In this way, you reduce the energy cost. Try this project and add more innovation idea from your behalf.

3.RF-based Home automation

home automation

In this project, you will be able to control your home appliances through Radio Frequency communication. Home automation can be done in various ways through various communication. In this project, you will use an RF Remote gear and Microcontroller. Home automation means smart home. All your home appliances will work smartly. Although you may have done home automation through various technologies. But let’s give a try on RF-based Home Automation.

4.RFID based Passport details


This innovative project verifies your passport details. You need an RFID reader module and a microcontroller and other minor components. You all need to do is scan your passport on the reader module. This reader module passes the information to the microcontroller. The microcontroller then varies the data and shows the information of the passport holder in the LCD display. Only the valid passport details are entertained, not the expiry/improper one. This technology is used in many organization to verify the passport. It is a useful device.

5.Bluetooth racing car

Bluetooth controlled car

Racing care. Woo! Why not build your own racing car instead of playing on your smartphone. Go get up make it. This racing car will be controlled by you in your smartphone using Bluetooth, Arduino UNO Board, DC power supply etc. I guess the one who loves racing and racing games will surely love this project.

Looking for more? Here is the list of ideas.

  • The automatic health monitoring system

  • Defense robot

  • Accident identification system

  • Temperature monitoring system

  • Mobile phone detector

  • RFID attendance system

  • Bluetooth notice board

  • Animated wall clock

  • Fire Alarm

  • Smart parking gates

  • Car overspeeding detection

  • GSM based door unlock

  • Bluetooth Key finder

  • Smart cleaner robot

  • Water level indicator

  • Bomb detection device

And lot more

In recent years Communication has become widespread with the use of satellite & OFC. With the development in the field of ICs and other semiconductor devices, it has become the matter of great interest. As the era proceeds, we need faster and faster communication services. So its sign of development is in high speed. Without communication, we cannot think of any device. You have to send an information in the form of signal to any device to run. Thus without communication, we cannot think of any device or gadgets.

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