4 Year Old Becomes Machine Learning Graduate from Eckovation

Setting an unprecedented record, a 4 year 7 month old boy from Hyderabad has become the youngest Machine learning engineer by graduating from Eckovation’s Machine Learning course.

Ayush Jain, joined Eckovation’s Machine Learning course on 1st Feb, 2019 and now has finally graduated on 1st April becoming a Machine Learning engineer in just 3 months.

His father Akram said, “He can easily create Web App and manages to develop his own basic shopping cart app, along with a chatbot to power the e-commerce site“

“He has got his hands dirty in Windows desktop App, console App, windows services, Web services and finds it really fun to develop simple console based game applications. He can explain about heap, stack, memory management, data structures perhaps better than many experienced programmers,” the father added.

On asking what he is going to learn next, Ayush says “I want to learn Robotics next so that I can build a robot that will play cricket with me”

By this time, you’d have realised what date is it i.e. 1st April! 

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