45 Days Plan: JEE Advanced Preparation after JEE mains

It is important to contemplate the fact that a decent board result plays a major role in getting into IIT. The marks obtained in JEE Mains and boards will influence CBSE ranking and it is the gateway for entry in to an engineering college apart from IIT. However, only the students who attained the cut off in JEE Mains will be eligible for the next level Advanced exam. Thus students must aim at accumulating an excellent score at IIT Advanced test so they can bag a seat in the institute. We bring you a list of homework strategies that can help students immensely to help you prepare for IIT JEE Advanced in one month.

JEE Advanced in 45 Days:

The preparation strategy can be build around effective time management and astute subject-wise planning. The challenge to crack the exam is definitely quite overwhelming but a sincere and diligent effort can make it possible. Here are a few instructions for aspirants on How to prepare for IIT JEE Advanced in 45 Days

  • All the students must be following a strict time schedule for studying but now for this last month they must upgrade the regime. Forget staying up late at night and instead wake up early, at 5:30 A.M. A fresh mind is a better receptor and they can start their routine early on in the day.
  • Design a fixed time table for this month too and try to form a habit of studying for at least five to six hours at a stretch. A student may take a well deserved break of 20-25 minutes after, say 3 hours during this span. This routine can be practiced preferably from 8 in the morning to 3:00 P.M. and subsequently replicated in remaining portion of the day.
  • Students should focus on practicing more question papers in the morning. After evaluation of every question paper one can easily decide which are the chapters they should focus on. So the rest of the day they can revise those chapters.
  • Its not important to know everything. IIT JEE Advanced exam is all aboutquality than quantity. Of course the student should know most of the things but rather than focusing on all the chapters, a couple of them can be overseen to have better in depth knowledge about the other chapters.
  • Those who have been religiously following NCERT books for the exam must continue doing so. The book has precise theory followed by an excellent set of questions. Apart from it, other good text books can be referred for further practice. NCERT prototype can do wonders for those preparing for the Advanced exam as the concepts are nicely explained. Once the students are through with NCERT pattern, they must rigorously practice solving JEE sample papers to get an essence of the exemplar and difficulty level of the impending exam. It would be nice if students are able to solve at least 15- 20 papers prior to the final test. This helps immensely when you want to prepare for JEE Advanced in one month.
  • Though every topic in the syllabus is crucial but emphasis on some topics forms the base of the subject and can be applicable in other chapters too. The understanding of these topics is very important and thus can help in achieving a good score. Instead of devoting time in learning a new concept or engaging in complex topics, try and concentrate on the topics that are already learnt. Keep appraising with attempting mock papers and identify the problem areas. The little time left must be devoted to spotting mistakes, if any and purging them with thorough practice.
  • Students tend to ignore their health and sleep while preparing for the test. It is advised that they must sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day to invigorate their body and mind. They can practice meditation and breathing exercises in free time to rejuvenate themselves. Developing a habit of eating right will keep them nourished and supply sufficient energy to carry on with studies.

The IIT JEE exams are a test of knowledge as well as the spirit of an individual to excel. With patience and perseverance a student can perform well and breeze through with flying colors.

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