5 Career Options opened up by emergence of Blockchain Technology

With the emergence of blockchain technology, numerous career options have been generated. As business and public sector jobs realize the potential of blockchain systems, demand for expertize to create initial projects and launch projects has grown rapidly.

Blockchain has joined cloud, big data, and artificial intelligence as one of the steaming technical boundaries.

So, firstly let us have a look at the areas from where job demand is coming from. There are signs that elevating hiring is prevailing in a variety of sectors and industry verticals. Some are more forward in their blockchain strategies than others investigating the technology, while others have an understanding but are just taking the opinion of people and then will come forward to incest and work with this technology.


The areas are –

  • Blockchain start-ups and consortiums
  • Multinational corporations
  • Banks and other private firms
  • Government bodies
  • Professional service firms


Students who are accustomed or have a keen interest in the subsequent areas have an outstanding skill foundation to work with Blockchain technologies:

  • Golang and JavaScript skills offer a deep foundation for building the blockchain applications.
  • Distributed computing and cryptography skills offer a well-built background for understanding and researching blockchain technology.
  • A deep understanding of business processes and operations are important in building and implementing blockchain networks.


The following are some of the careers that are growing with the adoption of blockchain technology.

In all these areas one can get a quality job. The career options can be mainly divided into these categories-

  1. Blockchain Instructor or Educator– If you are not a software developer and need to learn about the blockchain technology, then this option of becoming a blockchain educator or instructor is very beneficial for you. One just need to learn about what exactly is blockchain technology, its evolution, working, advantages and disadvantages of using it in a particular firm. This just requires learning about the blockchain technology but it will involve the whole course except for the coding part. Nut it is a very good alternative for the people who don’t like coding much. For jobs check at:
  1. Blockchain Developer- Blockchain developers transform the logic of business networks into chain code (often known and called as smart contracts) that can make modifications to the underlying distributed ledger. Blockchain applications also necessitate a front-end that allow users to interact with the chain code in a secure and understandable way.

Coders familiar with Golang or JavaScript have a good basis to build these skills.

Blockchain developers should start with the Blockchain and Cryptographic Currency course and learn the most important elements of Blockchain, Bitcoin and Ethereum; Build your very own two decentralised apps (DApps) in Blockchain Ecosystem. For a deeper understanding of the technical fundamentals, students can visit https://www.eckovation.com/.

Check out jobs at:


https://www.naukri.com/job-listings-Blockchain-Developer-lead-    Bangalore-mumbai-Quess-Corp-Ltd-Mumbai-Bengaluru-Bangalore-4-to-9-   years-231017000489



  1. Blockchain consultants- The work of Consultants is a bit different from blockchain educators. Consultants are crucial in helping businesses to choose and follow blockchain technology and to build the network of contributors. Consultants are required to understand the principles of blockchain technology, the systems with which they will interact and work on, and the business operations and processes that need to be shifted onto blockchain applications.

Their role is to drive functional and technical solution on Blockchain engagements. To provide good and expert business advice to the customer with respect to solution and its successful adoption.

Jobs for consultant- https://www.linkedin.com/jobs2/view/460438851

https://www.naukri.com/job-listings-Blockchain-Consultants-     Managers-ABC-Consultants-Pvt-Ltd-Mumbai-Bengaluru-Bangalore-Gurgaon-5-to-10-years-151117000512



  1. Blockchain architects- New blockchain networks need to interact with complex, mandatory IT systems in order to receive data, to trigger actions, and to become familiar about external events. Architects with a deep understanding of enterprise systems are important in enabling blockchain technology to be deployed efficiently and to interact properly with data and users on other applications. Their role will be the following-
  • Contribute to architecture, design and implementation of block chain environment including but not limited to distributed ledger and smart contracts layer.
  • Build fast prototypes to production quality code to create new products and offerings.
  • Associate effectively with other staff to solve complex problems.
  • Help with debugging and verification of defects in your own and other colleagues work.

Check out jobs related to this at:



  1. Blockchain engineer- The blockchain engineer must be a graduate in engineering with knowledge of either C, C++ or Go. The engineers must learn at least one crypto currency mechanism. Also to learn and understand the technical difference between 2-3 different crypto currencies. Learning blockchain and smart contracts is the basic requirement. The person working as a blockchain engineer will be responsible for the following-
  • Analyse the structure of existing crypto currencies and crypto platforms (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Quantum and others).
  • Analyse algorithm similar to blockchain (cryptographic, transactional, SPV, merge mining etc.)
  • Write product requirement documents and participate in the development of selected crypto platforms for various projects.

Check out jobs at:




All of the above career options are currently available in the market and companies are hiring for various other positions such as team lead etc. for the experience holders in blockchain technology.




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