5 Cool Engineering robotics projects you can build today!

Being engineers we are always on a quest to find a piece of work to use our technical knowledge. But choosing one project from an ocean of topics available can be as difficult as, nailing jelly to a tree. This article aims to provide you with project topics related to robotics which are innovative, splendid, adequately unique yet fundamentally practical and feasible.

Robotics not a new, but surely a revolutionary branch of engineering continues to be among the favorite themes for the engineering projects. Gray Scott, a futurist quoted “We are going to become caretakes for the robots. That’s what next generation of work is going to be.” Its maybe, because of such vast possibilities associated with this field that it excites and attracts budding engineers with the greatest force.

5 cool robotic projects that you can do

Wall climbing robot


This robot is built to climb walls, walk on ceilings, crawl through pipes, and traverse on floor. It is enabled to stick on a vertical wall as well as inclined surface and can easily move over the surface. It can have applications in  cleaning huge surface, glass windows, building walls, painting and surface inspections.

Essential components

  • Microcontroller
  • Suction Cups
  • DC motors
  • Robot legs
  • Power and Voltage regulating ICs
  • Injection Syringe


Suction cups provide the targeted capability to stick. They create a vacuum pressure used to stick with vertical or inclined surface. The movement on the surface can be achieved by stepper motor wheel or a balanced movement of suction cup legs. A micro controller needs to be used to control the whole action.

Fire detecting and extinguishing robot


Firefighting job is one of the most dangerous and challenging of all. A robot capable of detecting fire and extinguishing it can be the best substitute to minimize the risk of human life in fire fighting events. It also helps in reaching to the source of fire swiftly and removing it.

essential components

  • Ir sensors (how do Ir sensors work?)
  • Photo-transistors
  • Flame sensor
  • Water tank
  • Pump
  • Nozzle
  • Dc motors
  • Micro controller


The aim of the project is to detect flame and reaching it without colliding with other obstacles. Ir sensors are used to detect doors and walls. Photo-transistors detect white lines and circle. Fire can be sensed by Flame sensors  such as UVTron. Further, dc motors are used to control the robot. Water tank stores water and pump accompanied with nozzle are used to put out the flame.

Voice controlled robot


A robot which can be controlled by sound. This gives interaction of humans with robots a new dimension. These type of robots can be used by people with visually impaired eyesight and disabilities. Also, there is no need to carry any additional hardware such as remotes.

essential components

  • Arduino boards
  • Bluetooth module HC-05
  • Dc motors


The bot is controlled via Bluetooth HC-05 through a smartphone app. Bluetooth connected on the Arduino board receives text from the Android app as characters and stores them as string to the assigned string. A microcontroler is pre-programmed with words such as (forward, reverse, right, left stop) . Whenever the received text matches with the pre-programmed words, the Arduino executes the command that is assigned to the words. The app is developed in such a way that it converts the voice command to text and transfer the text to the connected Bluetooth device.

Hand motion controlled robotic arm


The idea is to change a perception of remote controls for actuating manually operated Robotic-Arm. This presents a thought and a way to eradicate the buttons, joysticks and replace them with some of the more intuitive technique. That is controlling the complete Robotic Arm by the operator’s hand gesture.

essential components

  • Servos
  • 3 axis gyro breakout board (for eg: L3G4200D).
  • Touch sensors
  • Piano Wire
  • Bend sensors
  • Gloves.


Gyroscope and bend senors are embedded on glove. These sensors detect the motion of hand.  This sensed motion is translated to motion of servos using microcontrollers. Touch sensitive resistors present on fingers provide haptic feedback allowing user to know when the fingers have grasped an object. Hence by wearing this glove, human movements can be mimicked by the robotic arm.



Legged robots may be quite slow and more difficult to control but are extremely robust in rough terrain. They are capable to cross large holes and can operate even after losing a leg. Also, they are especially ideal for space missions. Such robots are widely researched for armed uses.

essential components

  • 12 Servos
  • Body made from Acrilic
  • 5 Ultrasonics range finder
  • microcontroller


A  microcontroller such as Arduino is used to control a six-leg spider robot. Equipped with ultrasonic sensors and driven by 12 servos, the hexapod can see all or nearly all of the objects around it at once. Further this data is used to keep the bot in defined range. Logical algorithms need to be developed to control the robot and keep the movements of legs coordinated.

The list of projects provided is not an exhaustive one.  Rather, I have tried to include the most attractive ones from all the different categories. A good idea is the foundation for a project. But a successful project requires creative solutions to various project related problems and many technical challenges. As Freeman Dyson rightly quoted “A good scientist is a person with original ideas. A good engineer is a person who makes a design that works with as few ideas as possible.” Learn robotics with us and build the future.

Some similar ideas

  • Human detecting robot
  • Obstacle avoiding robot
  • Garbage collecting robot
  • Head motion controlled vehicle
  • Fruit plucking robot
  • Ball tracking robot
  • Soccer playing robot
  • Maze solving robot
  • Rubik’s cube solving  robot
  • Color guided robot
  • Wall painting robot
  • Rope traversing robot
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