5 Important Highlights of 2017 for Every Engineering Students

2017 is the year people will remember for the advancement of the technologies. Crypto-Currency and BlockChain were buzzword of this year and along with this Internet of Things has maintained it’s position in tech talks. Indian Government have started giving extra focus to emerging technologies. So this 2017 was real fun for engineering students. Taking the learning from past, we have to build the future. 

5 Most Important Highlights of 2017 from Engineering World

1. 3 Internships are Mandatory for Engineering Students: MHRD

Aiming to improve the employability of engineering graduates, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has decided to make three internships of 4-8 weeks duration mandatory for undergraduate students.
The decision was taken at the recent council meeting where it was discussed that out of the 7-8 lakh graduates passing out from engineering colleges each year, only one-third are employable and just 50 per cent join in their core areas of study…. Read More

2. Minister Mr. Jayant Sinha Launched Start-Up Course for Everyone

Honorable Minister Jayant Sinha, Chief Guest of this year’s IIT Delhi Alumni Day, inaugurated Entrepreneurship Course on Eckovation Platform during the event, which took place yesterday. This comes in line with Startup India campaign which seeks to boost entrepreneurship in India… Read More

3. Robots are Getting Citizenship: Watch Video

Even though robotics research has been performed for many decades, robotics adoption has not flourished. However, the past few years have seen increased market availability of consumer robots, as well as more sophisticated military and industrial robots. We predict that this will trigger wider adoption of robotics in the medical space for care giving and other healthcare uses. Combined with DL and AI, robotics will further advance in 2018. Robotics will also motivate further evolution of ethics… Read More



4. The Next Big Revolution in Technology World: BlockChain

With Bitcoin gaining popularity, many industries have turned their attention to Blockchain technology. When it comes to uses of blockchain technology, it is a major power behind all the digital currencies. People have found the uses and applications of this technology in many other industries as well… Read More

5. Making India Cyber Crime Free in 2018: National Cyber Security Policy 

To make India free from Cyber Crime, initiatives are taken with different agencies. Every 10 mins, in India, people report for a cyber crime. This is how it is increasing and damaging society. It’s very dangerous for the globe and this is the reason why IIT Delhi Alumni have decided to aware the entire population of India for this with Free Certification CourseEnroll for Free Certification Course



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