5 Most Important Mobile App for All Engineering Students

In the world of applications, we always have this confusion on which app to keep. There are high noise out there and millions of app are just creating mess.

Here we are to help you out, 5 most important mobile apps which will be very helpful in throughout your career are:

Mobile App 1: Linkedin 

The app helps you connected with your professional network, it helps you updating your resume and it helps you in getting global opportunities. So in case you are not having this app most download it.

Mobile App 2: Facebook

It’s the biggest on social network so you are having almost infinite content and updates, what you really want is to have this app, apart form fun, you must follow the leaders of tech. This will help you in growing as a professional.

Mobile App 3: Eckovation

The Biggest Social Learning Platform for Engineering Students. 2,50,000+ Engineers are live on this platform. Why You Are Not On It!!! Don’t miss the buzz. It’s the biggest channel of getting peer learning, professional courses, mentors across globe. Be the part of revolution, join it’s Engineering Group.

Mobile App 4. Evernote

We all maintain notes and we all wants to access it anywhere anytime. Evernote is the solution for that. It’s the platform to maintain all kinds of record.

Mobile App 5. Techcrunch

TechCrunch is a leading technology media property, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news. We all have this passion of doing path-breaking things in our life. Follow the news of the people who are doing it and do the things to be the part of that community.

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