5 Important In-Semester Program For Dream Jobs and Internship

In-Semester Programs are now key to crack dream jobs and Internship. Why? Because we all know the truth of job interviews. Weightage factor for our semester courses are least and that is down to 20% where as industrial skills, internship and projects cover more than 80% questions of job and internships. So here you have the In-Semester Program for all by IIT Educators and Industrial Experts.

Elements involved in the Job Interviews

The important elements which involve in job interviews:

  1. Semester Courses – Limited to 15% only
  2. Projects – Up to 35%
  3. Internship – Up to 40%
  4. Extra/Co-Curricular activities:  around 10%

Now the important questions is, are we doing enough to cover 75% of our interviews!!

Cover all the aspects with Degree Booster Program of Eckovation

IIT graduates and industrial experts have started Degree Booster Program for all the Departments. The focus of the program is to ensure the holistic preparation of the students for their dream jobs. The program covers following things:

  1.  Great learning of Industrial Skills from Experts
  2.  One to One Discussion with Experts
  3.  Assignments related to subject area
  4.  Live Projects of Industries
  5.  Internship with Top Companies

Specific Program for Each and Every Department:

  • Degree Booster Program for Computer Science and IT: Join Here

  • Degree Booster Program for Electronics: Join Here

  • Degree Booster Program for Electrical: Join Here

  • Degree Booster Program for Mechanical: Join Here

  • Degree Booster Program for All : Join Here

Start the program from Today and be closer to your dream. Just after the enrollment, you will get in touch with the mentors.

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