5 Important Things You Should Not Miss in 2019 If You Are An Engineer

They way innovation is happening around us, taking care of that 2019 will be super critical for Engineers. know how of technologies like Robotis, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep learning etc are becoming crucial for us as the demand from industries are keep on increasing. This is an article which is emphasizing on 5 Important Things which one should not miss in year 2019, must read.

5 Things which you should not miss in 2019:

1. Become the part of technological revolution

There are innovation and technological revolution happening across the globe. First and very important part will be to be aware about the most happening things in Technology. For that you should follow the news updates and subscribe the blogs like engineering.eckovation.com.

Stories like this will inspire you to be the active member of innovators:


2. Must Up-skill Yourself to play important role in bringing positive change in the world

2018 has been a great year with thousands of innovation benefited humanity. To kickstart 2019, we should look forward to be the person who should contribute to develop innovation and help the globe to be the best for all. This is your chance to grab the opportunity and learn the hottest skills in 2019.

100s of industrial experts have shortlisted following skills to be the hottest of 2019:

1 Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence  Click Here
2 C to Python Programming Language Click Here
3 Robotics Program Click Here
4 MATLAB Course Click Here
5 Complete Web Development Course Click Here
6 Big Data Hadoop Click Here
7 Blockchain Technology Click Here
8 3D Design and Simulation Click Here
9 Internet of Things(IoT)(with kit) Click Here

3. Not Just Learning

2019 should not be wasted just in learning but this time your should learn and innovate. Innovate to create impact. All the programs of Eckovation listed above is integrated with industries where you will be working with them to build the product and create immpact.

In 2019, you must take a resolution of creating the technology which should at least change the life of 1000 families.

4. Create a Bucket List of Novels

Reading is one of life’s greatest gifts. The ability to pass knowledge so seamlessly from person to person, generation to generation, group to group, is nothing short of a miracle.

In 2019, must build the habit of reading a novel per month. Some of the recommendations of Novels for engineers are:

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People — Stephen Covey
  • The Four Hour Chef — Tim Ferriss
  • Zero to One — Peter Thiel
  • Engineer to Win — Caroll Smith
  • Set Phasers on Stun – S. M. Casey
  • The Man Who Invented the Twentieth Century: Nikola Tesla, Forgotten Genius of Electricity

5. Must do an Inter-disciplinary Program

Technology is one item of the meal, to understand other items we must involved in inter-disciplinary program. So in 2019, must focus on earning the understanding by interacting with peers or doing formal programs in the department other than your core area such as sociology, economics, law etc.

So must do all 5 things and add a great success story to 2019. Happy New Year Guys! 

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