5 Reasons Why AI Can be Game-Changer for Education

One of the landmark events in the course of evolution of technology has been the advent of Artificial Intelligence, which has subsequently impacted different sectors of the society profoundly. Its multifaceted benefits have successfully initiated a complete paradigm shift even in our education sector.

Education is one of the primary tools which is inextricably linked with the growth of human resources in the country. Artificial intelligence immensely helps to accentuate the growth and development index. It utilizes data models (as part of primary and secondary data sources) and makes decisions based on the input data whose success rate improves with further iterations. Just as a teacher needs to get acquainted with the behaviour and understanding pattern of a student before recommending a learning path, Artificial Intelligence also requires proper input data for better analysis and execution. The algorithm, however, is cumbersome with a large collection of data points increasing the complexity.

5 ways in which Artificial intelligence has become a game changer in the field of education are as follows:

1. AI to help in Personalised Learning

Every student is unique in behaviour and appreciation, thereby demanding different degrees of care and attention. In a classroom comprising a high number of students, attending every doubt of each student remains no longer feasible. Artificial Intelligence can help in developing personalized learning which can mitigate individual doubts and thus enhance their performances.

2. Adaptive Test Prep:

Exams are important for any student in pursuit of knowledge, for it provides one with an honest assessment of progress in the respective domain. This demands an appropriate set of questions for the examination whose difficulty gets updated as a student progresses and challenges him to prepare thoroughly.

3. Addressing Vernacular Need:

For students in vernacular learning, real-time translation ensures that the medium is democratized thereby also incorporating maximum students to enjoy the fruits of such technological advancement. It will also significantly reduce the cost of content production.

4. Automatic Doubt Solving:

Clearing of doubts is fundamental to the process of learning. Artificial Intelligence engine can successfully read the problem statement and suggest a possible solution to the learners.

5. Interactive Gamification:

Artificial Intelligence is instrumental in devising different tools and techniques which are immensely effective in teaching highly complex concepts in a simple and lucid way. This includes incorporation of sophisticated and useful illustrations, virtual reality and artificial reality tools, which can streamline intelligent concepts into accessible cognitive models.

6. Automation of Grading Activities

From standard one to graduation to higher studies, the grading is the only way to evaluate the performance of students and it is a tedious job for teachers to grade their students. Technological advancements and artificial intelligence through various applications and tools can perform the grading of exams and assignments automatically. For example, for multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks etc, the system will match the student’s answer with the answer keys saved in the application and give the grades accordingly. It will not be long before, Artificial intelligence will start grading long answers and this, in turn, will save a lot of time for the teachers and they can focus on other activities and provide more attention to students.

There are many more ways how Artificial Intelligence can help in imparting quality education to students in large numbers. This scientific development will not only benefit the larger education ecosystem but also produce the brightest of minds.

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