5 Tips To Become a Strong Job Applicant

Eckovation’s career mentors are highly qualified individuals—they include digital marketers, software engineers, and career coaches—who care deeply about your personal success. As a career mentor, I’d like to share the answers to some of the most commonly asked career questions I’ve received from Eckovation alumni as they pursue their goals.

5 tips to make yourself a stronger job applicant:

1. Where should I look for work? –

There are always open positions in the marketplace. It is your job to identify these and develop skills.
Apart from your campus placements, the first place where you should look for jobs is your own social circle. Up to 80% of applicants find their next opportunity via their own network! Then, after polling friends and associates, take your search to job boards such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, etc.

2. How do I apply to jobs? –

One of the most important things to do is to make sure you carefully follow the instructions provided by each specific employer. This may mean hyperlinking your LinkedIn profile, or sending a resume and cover letter. Be sure your resume and LinkedIn profile are completely up-to-date and that every word is relevant to your desired employment.

The use of advanced hiring software generally means that up to 75% of applicants get filtered out before they’re ever even seen by a prospective employer. To ensure you’re in the 25% of applications who are seen, you need to make sure there are no typos, that the resume is cleanly and consistently formatted, and that you’re using keywords that match those found in the job description. In other words, don’t send a generic spammy resume!

3. How can I prevent from getting turned down for having no experience?  –

This can be a difficult obstacle to overcome, but there is a roadmap for the inexperienced as well. This can seem like a difficult obstacle to overcome, but there is a roadmap for the inexperienced. In fact, new developers have many growth opportunities to gain experiences that will make you more hireable. For instance, non-profits are often looking for volunteer developers. Another option is to tutor adults or young people. Additionally, anyone can contribute to open source projects on github.com/explore.

Showcase relevant experience by creating an online portfolio containing your most impressive projects. Don’t stop there! Continue to build new projects and append them to your portfolio. Portfolios highlight examples of real-world projects, and demonstrate experience with in-demand skills. Publishing projects creates a personal brand. The more you publish, the stronger your personal brand becomes, indicating to employers not just that you are hireable, but why you’re hireable.

Additionally, all of Eckovation’s courses come with a guaranteed internship. Which would mean you not just learning a new skill, but also gaining real industrial exposure which would go a long way in your CV as well.

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4. How do I write a resume? –

 Resumes and LinkedIn profiles often require multiple drafts to get them to where they clearly and effectively highlight your specialized skills. Many people find that it’s hard to talk about themselves in the ways that are required by a resume, so it’s of paramount importance to have your resume reviewed by a trusted source.

Fortunately, Eckovation offers a suite of Career Services—including personalized reviews of resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters. Additionally, Eckovation alumni are invited to take advantage of these awesome opportunities to get honest, in-depth feedback from career mentors.

5. I apply but never hear anything back. What am I doing wrong? –

Many companies make use of advanced Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). These systems filter candidates that don’t successfully indicate employability. Candidates control very few variables in the hiring process so it’s important to focus on what you can influence.

You can overcome ATS bots by ensuring your job application materials are up-to-date and relevant to each employer per their job description. Be active on GitHub or Medium and maintain your portfolio. Publish often to increase visibility for your personal brand. Network with other developers in real life and over the internet. Be part of a community that promotes one another and is invested in the success of its peers.

Most importantly, continue applying!

All the best 🙂
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