5 Ways To Optimize A CV With No Work Experience

Fresh graduates are often at a dead end when it comes to writing their CV. While there is enough information available for people with work experience on how to customize their CV to suit the needs of the job market, fresh graduates have very less to work with. The Guardian recently published an article about the ways to write a CV for those with zero work experience. According to the said article, it’s not about huge list of work experience but about how you work with what you have that nails a CV.

As has been emphasized time and again, hunting for job is akin to advertising. The way you brand yourself is immensely important for getting a job interview with your desired company. Here’s what you can do to make your CV appear more attractive despite lack of work experience.

  • Target employers and valuable skills: You will need to do research about the industry you wish to join and learn the skills which are valued by the employers in the industry. If you already have the desired skills then good or else you can add some skills to your CV by enrolling in online courses. Thanks to MOOC’s you can sign up for certificate courses and learn valuable skills in no time. Having skills desired by employers will get you shortlisted easily for an interview by an employer.
  • Highlight and optimize your non-work related experience: If you are a fresh graduate, you can play upon your academic learning and skills you learned while in college. Identify what is required at your desired job profile and highlight these skills in your academic experience. You can mention the classes you took, the topics you covered or the projects you completed. Your educational experience, if written comprehensively, will let you demonstrate your planning, team management, organizational skills.
  • Hobbies and Interests: This may come as a surprise but including hobbies and interests can actually help you in getting a job. If  you have any hobby or interest which is related to the job profile you are aiming for or is related to the skillset required for a job then you must mention it in your CV. You should also mention achievements like organizing an event, chairing a committee or a society, leading a sports team or a debate team.

  • Brand yourself: You need to brand yourself according to the job profile. Include a profile summary, though it is not advised by some experts it is a good move for a fresh graduate. Do not summarise your academic and ECA achievements. Your profile summary should include your academic qualification, your skills and your domain knowledge.
  • Voluntary work: Always mention voluntary work. If you do not have any such experience, then immediately join some voluntary work organization. This will not only provide an addition to your CV but will also help you learn valuable skills such as problem solving, team work etc. which are highly valued in any organization.

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