7 Reasons Why Online Courses are better than Offline Courses

The need for constantly updating one’s skills to stay ahead of the crowd has become significant than ever today, given the intensity of competition all around. The mantra today seems to be – update or become obsolete. And aspirants are spoilt for choices too, with a number of options available for them. There are schools offering full time and part time courses on diverse subjects to suit popular demands. In the past decade, courses offered online have also become increasingly popular, with more and more students turning to the omnipresent internet to continue or better their education.

What is it that draws students to online courses and are they as effective as offline ones? These are questions that people are increasingly asking today. Education, at all levels, is an important aspect of a person’s life, and a lot of research has gone into the evaluation of online courses.

Here are seven most important points that almost all researches agree upon, to stress why online Courses are better than offline courses.

Flexible Learning Pattern

The most attractive feature of online courses are that they can be done from anywhere, at anytime. You don’t have to attend a school, sit at a desk and listen to a teacher drone. You could sit at your home, office or at the park, designate any hour and duration as per your convenience for your studies, and actually interact with the tutors through various means.

Self Discipline and Motivation

Online courses foster self discipline. You can be successful at your online course only if you are able to stick to a plan and be organized. If you are a self motivated person, online courses can reap you better results than traditional learning.

Alternate Learning Systems

Online courses also bring in different approaches to learning since the course deliver methodology differs from the traditional approach, Offline courses tend to be more classroom oriented, with the focus on the group as a whole rather than the individual. Online courses on the other hand are more individual oriented. They can even be customized to suit an individual’s capabilities and preferences. And since the attention is more on the individual, there is greater scope in online courses for ‘learning by doing’.

Access to More Resources

With internet becoming an inseparable part of life, and more and more credible information sources being available online, there is a vast ocean of resources available at a student’s disposal. Online libraries, Wikipedia, Google repositories and numerous other authoritative sources, not to mention access to faculties of both the institution a student is attached to and others – a student of online courses has all these and more to augment his course material with.

Increased Focus

Sitting in a comfortable place in a comfortable position and learning at your own pace improves your focus on what you are studying. You are free of the distractions and interruptions that are the norm in classroom learning and thus are able to derive more out of your online course.

Better Scores

Researches have proved that students learning from online courses tend to score better than the ones learning from offline courses, owing to the benefits discussed above. Dr. Ralph Kuehn, Director of Mentors and Quality Assurance at Northcentral University, claims that “In seeking an online degree, each student relies upon their own motivation to complete each course and to eventually graduate. This motivation is a strong proponent for success.”

Higher Reach of Quality Educators 

When there is constraint of teaching 100-200 students in offline setup, Online give a great offering of ensuring the reach of quality educators independent of geography. As an example, the Internet of Things course of Eckovation is opted by 1000s of students all across India and they are doing the course very smartly and developing live projects in supervision of IIT Educators.

When we are living in digital world, allow learning also to be on similar ecosystem. We invite all of you to join the certification program of highly professional skills on Eckovation. Click Here for all the courses.

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