7 Topics that fetch you more marks in Physics JEE

To excel in an exam like JEE, you need to win two wars.

  1. Know your syllabus and complete it thoroughly
  2. Understand the pattern and figure out how to score more marks

In this post, I will discuss 7 topics that have more weightage in JEE Physics paper over the years.

The idea is to give you ‘focus areas’ after you have finished the syllabus once.

So what are the…

Topics that fetch more marks with less effort

Don’t get me wrong! The effort required here is less because you have worked hard to prepare the foundation in other chapters. Anyway, the topics are…



An absolute favorite topic of JEE! Many numericals are asked based on specific heats, heat transfer etc. Make sure you understand how to draw and read graphs.


Errors & Measurement

Easy questions are asked from this topic. Learn the instruments properly. One question is almost guaranteed. Physics is an experimental science, after all.


SHM and Waves

Time Periods, Frequencies, Nodes and Antinodes, Overtones, Organ Pipes, Interference. Make sure you are clear on each of the above sections. Questions are straightforward if you know your formulas well.


Modern Physics

The most formula based section of JEE Physics. Requires little effort and rewards are high. Pay special attention to the Photoelectric effect. Communication and Semiconductors are only required for JEE Main.


EM waves

Do not look beyond the EM spectrum. I put it here, because even if not too many questions come, they are very easy when they do.



A Combination of gravitation with SHM or Kinematics produces interesting questions. Focus on sections such as potential and field.


Work and Energy

This final one requires a little more effort compared to others, but questions based on energy are certain.


Wait…What about Rotation? Newton’s Laws? Kinematics? Electrostatics…? Where are these topics?

These topics are important! But they yield lesser marks compared to the effort required. Laws of motion in particular.


Some Interesting facts

In 2016, out of 30 questions in Physics:

  • 4 questions came from Heat and Thermodynamics
  • 4 questions came from SHM and Waves
  • 6 questions came from Modern Physics and Semiconductors
  • 2 questions from Errors and 1 from EM waves

That is more than half of the paper! I hope you see the importance of knowing what topics get more marks.

Prepare everything, but keep this information in your mind. Time is less and we want to score as much as possible.


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