80+ IoT Projects for Engineering Students

This is the era of technology, automation, innovation, robots, smart things. Think of a world with everything doing their work by itself, no human efforts are required, all humans will rest and enjoy. Wouldn’t that be great? Ahh. That could be or couldn’t be. Whatever maybe the output we humans love to make stuff and seeing them work on their own is totally a wonderful feeling. For this IoT plays a vital role.

IoT aka Internet of Things is similar to the internet we use the only difference is that it’s more than just computers and phones connected to computers and phones. IoT as a physical Internet will eventually connect every thing to every other thing, and also to the traditional Internet. IoT is a growing technology with about 8.5 billion devices connected to IoT. The number is expected to cross 200 billion by 2020.

This is a time to understand IoT and work on it.
Below are the categories of IoT projects you should do.

  1. Home Automation
  2. With Raspberry Pi
  3. Using Arduino
  4. Wireless / GSM
  5. Robot Projects
  6. Using Android Application
  7. Sensor Based
  8. Wi-Fi Based
  9. RFID Based
  10. Healthcare Projects
  11. Server Based
  12. Machine/ Deep learning Based
  13. Security Based
  14. Others

Below are some ideas on above mentioned categories.

1. Home Automation 
Make your home work, talk and respond to your actions.

  1. Room Temperature Monitoring System
  2. Motion Detection System for burglars
  3. Room Lightning and Control System
  4. Smart Doorbell
  5. Plant Watering System

2. With Raspberry pi
Build your projects with Raspberry Pi.

  1. Smile detection
  2. Face detection
  3. Biometric Implementations
  4. Tweeting Bot
  5. E-mail Replier

3. Using Arduino
Build your projects with Arduino.

  1. With ZigBee and Arduino
  2. With Lora and Arduino
  3. Weather Monitoring system
  4. Grill Monitoring System
  5. Wireless Notice Board

4. Wireless / GSM
Build wireless projects.

  1. Smart Bulb
  2. SMS Replier
  3. SMS Notifying Device
  4. A Call Can Turn on Light
  5. Door Unlock

5. Robot Projects
Build your IoT Bots

  1. Swarm Robots
  2. Cleaning Robot
  3. Mail/News Paper Fetching Robot
  4. Robot which takes commands from Tweeter
  5. Bot which tweets about its position

6. Using Android Application

  1. Garage controller
  2. Room Lighting Controller
  3. Plant Health notifying app
  4. Bot controller
  5. Door unlocking app

7. Sensor Based

  1. Heat Sensor
  2. Water Sensor
  3. Humidity Sensor
  4. IR/ Ultrasonic sensor
  5. Accelerometer

8. Wi-Fi Projects 

  1. Wi-Fi smart car
  2. Wi-Fi lamp
  3. Wi-Fi Finder
  4. Wi-Fi Location Tracking
  5. With ESP-8266

9. RFID Based

  1. Auto Toll Collector
  2. Smart Trash Bin
  3. Attendance System
  4. RFID Tracker
  5. RFID enabled Lock

10. Healthcare 

  1. Medicine reminder
  2. Medicine record keeper
  3. Appointment arranger
  4. Remote Heart Rate monitor
  5. Steps Counter

 11. Server Based

  1. Thingspeak
  2. Google Assistant
  3. Alexa
  4. Tweeter
  5. Personal Website

12. Machine/ Deep learning Based

  1. Self driving car
  2. Smart irrigator
  3. Automatic room light color changer based on mood
  4. Mood detection with pi cam
  5. Face detection and informing with pi cam

13. Security Based

  1. Key tracker with RFID
  2. Remote door lock/unlock
  3. Remote Car unlock
  4. Intruder alert
  5. fingerprint door unlock

14. Others

  1. IoT Gauge with Arduino, Yaler & IFTTT
  2. IoT Air Cannon
  3. IoT Charger
  4. Home Weather Station with NodeMCU and OLED
  5. Windows Remote Arduino and Universal Apps
  6. Parking Sensor Using the New TrackALL Device
  7. Motion Detector With NodeMCU and BLYNK
  8. Ambient Light: Zerynth Lamp
  9. Smart Lobby – Welcoming Music System
  10. NTC Thermistor Temps Using thethings.iO

Too many projects. Feeling excited, want to jump right into building a project. But confused where to start from, from where to arrange materials. Learn and build projects related to IoT at Eckovation with complete course related kit sent to your home.

We have 3 courses:

  1. Internet of Things (IoT) Online Certification Course + Guaranteed Internship
    You will build following projects:
  • Room Temperature Monitoring System
  • Motion Detection System
  • Soil Moisture Sensor
  • Home Automation System
  • Smile Detection using Raspberry Pi Camera
  • Room Lightning when car reach home using GPS module
  • Room Temperature Monitoring System in Windows IoT
  • Soil Moisture Sensor in Windows IoT
  • Self updating profile pictures on social networking sites using pi camera
  1. IoT with Lora and Arduino UNO at Eckovation
  2. IoT with ZigBee S2C and Arduino at Eckovation

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