9 Internet of Things Products You Need to Know

The internet has made a world a much smaller place to live in, and Internet of Things has accentuated this trend further.

We can easily access the events occurring even on the other side of the planet. Be it just a mail from a friend in a different hemisphere or a cricket match live from Lords, and we have access to everything.

Internet of Things is one such thing which helps create an ecosystem of interconnected physical objects that are made accessible by the use of the internet.

Here are the 9 best Internet of Things (IoT) products one should know about:

  1. Sonos Music System

Music is one of the things that never gets old. And when it comes to IoT, a smart wireless home sound system that brings all your music collections and podcasts together is just like living a dream.

With a single app to control the dedicated wireless network, you can play your favorite music from any part of the house.


  1. Lockitron

A smart lock is what you need to protect your house from intruders getting into the house. This intelligent IoT is meant to provide a keyless pass into the house just using your smartphone.

The app has also feature to check whether your home is locked and sends you a notification if you forget to. An intelligent power system and battery performance are what helps Lockitron get into this list.


  1. Intel Compute Card

This smart piece of tech revealed by Intel is only the size of a credit card. This 5mm thick device comes equipped with powerful memory, storage, and wireless connectivity.

It comes with Intel Pentium processor and has been made with the intention of quickly introducing IoT to the technological sector.


  1. Securifi

This unique styled router connects two wired network devices via wired ports. It can be used as an extender to handle light browsing and light file sharing.

It’s a standalone device and can be four times faster than the standard router. It has a user-friendly interface to organize and maintain it.


  1. Nest Learning Thermostat

This smart piece of tech helps you save energy by controlling the temperature of your house. It also comes enabled with the auto-schedule feature to leave all the tension of bills on the device itself. It can be remotely controlled through Wi-Fi, and the device shows a leaf when energy is saved.


  1. Smart Garage Controller

This lock helps you open your garage door with nothing more but a touch on your smartphone. The device also alerts you if you leave your door open by mistake. You can also grant access to other people to the door using the app.


  1. Amazon Echo

It can be controlled through a remote, touch via app or voice. A minimalistic and modern nine-inch tall and three-inch diameter cylinder, the Echo has a noise-cancellation microphone and ring of lights on the lid and can be controlled with Wi-Fi access through a smartphone.


  1. FitBit

One of the most widely adopted wearable fitness devices, fitbit helps track your fitness goals. It shows the distance run, calories burnt, pulse count and is also water resistant and does not require a daily charge.


  1. FitBark

Want to keep track what your dog does all day? This piece of tech helps you to monitor your dog’s activities and compare with similar other dogs to help you make better decisions. Its light-weight and waterproof and is beautiful too.


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IoT is a recent technology in the market with an excellent potential for growth in the future. It is associated with nearly every technology we use in our daily lives and made it quite easier. Thus, it is quite profitable to work on something advanced like this and build a career around it.

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