All you want to know about Animatronic Hand

Do you want to know about an Animatronic hand? Moreover do you think it is something like a combination of animation and electronics? Applications of Animatronic hand along with its merits is given in this article.

Animatronics is a part that comes under Mechatronics to make machines which seems to be animated rather than robotics. They are driven by –

  • Compressed air
  • Hydraulics
  • Electrical system

Animatronics can be defined as the relationship between the animation and the electronics. Additionally there are two types of controls in animatronic hands. They are,

  • Remotely controlled
  • Pre-programmed control

Applications –

The applications of animatronic hands are numerous. They are listed below.

  • Extra hand in chemical fields so that the skin diseases are avoided.
  • Physically challenged people use it as an extra alternative hand.
  • Two hands for the same operation can be utilized with this animatronic hand.
  • Its applications in space for repair of space station are useful.
  • Diffusion of bombs with these animatronic hands are preferred where there is high risk of lives.

There is a small difference between mechanical arm and the animatronic hand wherein the animation component is an important feature in the animatronic hand. The below figure shows the mechanical arm.

History –

In the early sixties Animatronics was developed by Walt Disney. Essentially, electromechanical devices  are used to make such devices.

The abbreviated term originally coined by the Walt Disney was Audio. Animatronics is a subset of anthropomorphic robots. A robot built with the inspiration from nature is called as anthropomorphic robots. Humanoid hand robot will be equipped with anthropomorphic multi fingered hands very much like the human hand. Further, the human hand will be given as a prosthetic application to impaired people.

Notwithstanding, the execution of complicated and risky undertakings for example, space, manufacturing etc can be done using animatronic hand. Consequently, these robot hands are driven by actuators that are situated in a place remote from the robot hand outline and associated by links. The versatility of the link causes incorrect joint angle control, and the long wiring of ligament links may block the robot movement when the hand is appended to the tip of the robot arm.  A mechanical arm is automated, typically programmable, with comparative capacities to a human arm.

Furthermore the connections of such a controller are associated by joints permitting either of the two ways

  • Rotational movement
  • Translational movement

The connections of the controller can be considered to frame a kinematic chain. The end effecter is practically equivalent to the human hand. The end effecter can be assigned to play out any undertakings for example, welding, holding, turning and so on depending on the application. Hence there are various applications of Animatronic hand in most of the fields like medicinal, electrical, chemical, military, etc.


In today’s world, to avoid any sort of skin diseases arising for workers in the chemical industry use of animatronic hand in the chemical industry has a vast applications. As there is improvement, there is also be less forms of skin diseases. Moreover, it can be used as an alternative arm for the physically challenged persons. Thus the applications of Animatronic hand are numerous.


  • Ease to handle in a simpler manner.
  • Requires less maintenance.
  • The technology doesn’t bring any unemployment issues as it only safeguards the employees either be the chemical industry or the physically challenged persons.


  • Good knowledge is required by the worker who is working on the animatronic hand.


  • Digital camera can be placed on the animatronic hand. It will record the motion of the hand if a robotic hand is at a distance which can bring many insights to the data.

How to make a simple animatronic hand?

The main important components required are

  • Arduino
  • Flex sensor
  • Servomotor

Finally, the procedure is explained below.

  • Animatronic hand is the design of the robotic hand that works under the information that are received from the glove hand.
  • The glove hand consists of a flex sensor.
  • The data received from the flex sensor is sent to the servomotor, the motor rotates to an angle.
  • Furthermore, a string is used to provide a bridge  between the robotic finger and the servomotor.
  • According to the angle the servo  motor rotates and the finger bends.
  • Hence as the finger bends, the flex sensor will bend.
  • When flex sensor is bent, a change in resistance is produced.
  • So this change in resistance is processed via Arduino and it will be send to the servomotor.
  • According to the value from the Arduino, the servomotor rotates.
  • The robotic fingers are connected via strings with the servomotor.
  • Arduino has been used to provide an interface between the servomotor and the flex sensor.
  • Finally a voltage divider can be used in the circuit  and provided near the flex sensor since only a fewer voltage is required.
  • When the servomotor receives input, the servomotor rotates. So the robotic fingers being connected to the servo bends to its rotation.

Thus via proper coding of the Arduino,  the animatronic hand can be made and utilized for various applications. To know more about technology in robotics check out the link below

Five cool robotics projects

So that’s all about the Animatronic Hand. Please let us know your opinions in the comment section below.

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