What is Arduino and How you can learn it


In the last decade, automation owing to the introduction of robotics has brought about a revolution in the industrial world, especially the manufacturing sector. Now the products are being produced more easily, quickly and at lower costs with a higher efficiency.

To get your feet planted in the robotics world, one should learn some robotics software; Arduino being one of them.


Arduino is an open-source electronics platform. It comes with both hardware and software support that would help one design, test and further develop sophisticated electronic products.

The underlying hardware consists of a microcontroller board, which has a memory where the program has to be uploaded, and the board is attached to other electronic components which collectively perform the task.

The programming language is pretty straightforward and thus attracts a lot of students interested towards robotics.



For a guy interested in taking up a career in robotics, the most important thing he has to do is a robotics certification course. The primary thing one has to learn is how to program a microcontroller and do stuff with it.

There are several online certification courses for robotics provided all over the internet for such courses. And one of the best among them being that provided by Eckovation.




Arduino makes building electronics simple for people with not much technical knowledge easier. Arduino links people to the world of robotics.

Arduino can be used for quite a variety of purposes, starting from an LED timer to a robotic arm. One just has to write a bunch of codes on a computer and upload it to the onboard memory and boom!! The piece of tech comes to life.

There are different types of Arduino boards starting from the basic UNO and LEONARDO to the highly advanced MEGA and TIAN. Though one might find the names differing from one board to another, the look hardly does, with the USB which can also be doubled as a power jack remaining constant.

The board has a set of analog and digital pins used to read the signals. While the analog signals are used to get the analog inputs, the digital data can be received by the digital pins.

A reset button provided on the board comes to the rescue in case of any error in the loading of any code on to the board. The LED light on the top of the board though is the power indicator, also speaks about the circuit. If not working, then either you are on bad luck, or the circuit is wrong.



Eckovation Robotics has been around for quite some time and has been busy building a great syllabus through continuous training and feedback. With the website offering an excellent robotics course especially for the starters and the ones looking forward to making a career in it, Eckovation is the ultimate solution.

The site also provides significant insights into what an Arduino board is, its types and how to familiarise with it even before starting the programming part which boosts up the participation of the student.

One can opt for the course at Eckovation.

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