Arduino Projects

“All of the biggest technological inventions created by man – the airplane, the automobile, the computer – says little about his intelligence, but speaks volumes about his laziness.” – Mark Kennedy (Author)

The increasing advancements in Technology have been surprising humankind since ages. This technology is both harmful and reliable too. And, as the phrase says, “Technology is a good servant but a bad master.” We should learn more and more technology but not let us be its servant.

Now, talking about being the servant and making one, let us focus on the really interesting topic named “Arduino”, Arduino is nothing but just a Silicon plate with space for some port connections, some I/C insertions and other electronic components with the ability to connect to a computer system using some wire. But, then why the thing is so famous? Well, actually going deep into the topic, Arduino is just a board for those who don’t know it’s uses, but for those people who are well knowing the name Arduino, it might be one of the most amazing thing that exists.

Now, you must be thinking that how can some board with space to fir some electronic components can be really awesome? My Television Remote also have some board with space to fit electronic components, well it is not that much awesome, then why arduino? So, Besides being a board, Arduino has a lot of uses in real world. We use arduino to design circuits which can be use in Internet of Things (IoT). Now, when I have linked the word IoT, you must be thinking that if it has some linkage with IoT, then it must be really awesome. We can run any circuit with respect to our requirements using Arduino. Get Advanced in IoT, by clicking here.

Arduino requires a circuit connected to it with the Arduino board, itself connected to some source like a PC. The PC is required to setup a code that is a path of instructions for the circuit to work.

So, coming now on the topic, let us talk about some Arduino Projects.

  • Smart Irrigation System using IoT

Arduino Projects
Smart irrigation system using iot

IoT is covering up the internet and technology field with its advancements. IoT refers to Internet of Things. Internet of Things connects software with hardware which makes hardware work on our command which is being input by a software that is basically giving a hardware, a brain whose remote is with us. This project is about smart irrigation system technology which will make you free from watering your plants again and again at perfection.

To build this Smart Irrigation Project you will need 4 major components,

  1. Soil Moisture Sensor – This will sense the moisture changes in the soil
  2. Arduino Uno – It will act as the brain of the system and sends voltage to the water pump
  3. WiFi Module -This is integrated in the system and gives updates to the user
  4. Water Pump -It receives the voltage from Arduino and turn ON/ OFF the water flow
  • Automated Street Lighting System Project

Arduino Projects
Automated Street Lighting System Project

This project introduces you to the amazing world of IoT and its fascinating applications. This project will make you a system which detects the light intensity and sends data to Arduino for further actions. The system is designed in such a way that say whenever the light intensity drops below a threshold value that you set, it will facilitate the switching ON/ OFF of the street light. The data collected is then sent to the cloud where it is stored, analyzed and interpreted for better understanding of the power consumed. This also facilitate the smart energy management to save lot of electricity. Learn 3D designing and Stimulation here.

To build this Automated Street Light Project you will need 4 major components,

  1. LDR Sensor – It will detect the changes in the sunlight intensity and send the data to the Arduino for interpretation
  2. Arduino Uno – It will act as the brain of the system and processes the data from the sensor & facilitates the Switching ON/OFF of the street light
  3. Relay Drivers – It converts the voltage that used to operate the street lights
  4. ESP 8266 WiFi Module – This will be used to integrate the system onto cloud and facilitates storage & analysis of data collected
  • IoT home security model using Arduino

Arduino Projects
IoT home security model using Arduino

This project involves the designing of an electronic device connected to internet to make it an IoT device. The system can be programmed to notify the user whenever a harmful activity happens. Thus, it can be used as a security device in our home too. It can also store the data collected in the cloud and the user can interpret the data. Want to learn Machine Learning, Click here.

This WiFi controlled Robotics Project needs 3 major components,

  1. Arduino Uno – It will act as the brain of the system and processes the data from the sensor
  2. WiFi Module – This will integrate the system onto cloud and send updates to user
  3. IR Sensors – It will detect the movement or an unusual activity by detecting the Infra-red rays that will be emitted from them and send data to the microcontroller.
  • Arduino Based Mini CNC 2D Plotter

Arduino Projects
Arduino Based Mini CNC 2D Plotter

This project is basically about How to make a mini CNC machine from OLD SCRAP DVD Drives using Arduino and L293D as a Motor shield. It is very amazing to see how this machine works and draws. Basically any image which you want to draw by this machine need to convert into a Gcode file using softwares like INKSCAPE. This Gcode file is streamed on Arduino via processing a GCTRL program. And L293D Motor shield accordingly instructs stepper motor about its motion, this combination and synchronization of motion of steppers ends in a good image. This machine have two axis X-AXIS & Y-AXIS. X-axis is plotting are, paper is place on X-axis. Y-axis holds the pen.

So, These were some projects made using Arduino. You can make these projects easily if you have some knowledge about working with Arduino. Click here to make your own robot.

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