Best Apps for Engineering Students: 7 Reasons to use Eckovation

As an engineering student, we all familiar with the kind of needs we have. In this technological age, you all must be looking for best apps for engineering students.

Peer learning, Experts help, Common notes etc are the integral parts of the engineering students. For all similar reasons, India’s fastest growing social learning platform, Eckovation is helping all of us to achieve best in our life.

When you are considering best apps for engineering students, the 7 most important reasons to use Eckovation are:

1. Best Platform for Peer Learning

Best apps for engineering students

Peer learning is the best method to learn things this is scientifically proven that the people of similar age can understand each other problem quite easily and also help them understand in best possible ways. Eckovation is one tool which can ensure best peer learning experience in engineering students. For the same you need to join respective groups, in special cases, you can create your group too. Here you find the groups and process of the creating the group.

2. Learning from Experts

Best apps for engineering students

Ensuring the reach of quality educators is something which is in core of Eckovation. Through this, experts will reach to all of us and we can get involved and learn as much as we can. Cheers to learning.!

3. Breaking the wall, connecting students of different colleges under one roof

Best apps for engineering students

Limiting ourselves just to the our college is just not enough. In this dynamic world, Eckovation is connecting students beyond the boundaries of the colleges.

4. Bringing best lectures of the world


The experts advisors are going to recommend best possible lectures to learn the lessons of our subjects. This we can find in plugin of each of the groups.

5. You will find best notes in department groups

Best apps for engineering students

In different departments, notes of different subjects will be floated and one can download and read it from respective groups.

6. Talk of Experience Industry Experts

Best apps for engineering students

With engineering, it is always advised to talk to industry experts who can, with their experience, guide us what, why and how to learn to be placed in best company at highest package.

7. Live interaction with Professors of IITs

Best apps for engineering students

Here on Eckovation, in weekly basis, you will get an opportunity of chatting with IIT Professors. So lets make it big and bigger. Invite your friends and classmates.

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