Best Communication project ideas

Communication project ideas

As engineering students you all want to study and build your own projects. So here are some communication project ideas for engineering students.

The entire operation of electronic devices depend purely upon on how efficient their communication happens internally. Consequently from the smallest device like the smart watches to industry advanced robots, each device uses various communication channels. Moreover to function efficiently with the advancement to technologies, the way these devices communicate internally also has seen some great improvements.

Any electronic device needs three essential elements to carry out effective communication, these are –

  1. Transmitter
  2. Communication channel (medium)
  3. Receiver

A particular communication system is either an analog communication or a digital communication at a time. For example, the communication that happens for TV transmission is analog . While the digital medium that forms communication system for any device that is connected to the internet.

Thus, lets see how exactly the data transfer happens within these electronic devices:

The data transmission happens in between the transmitter and receiver in two ways:

  1. Serial communication : This is where the data is transferred one bit at a time through a medium.
  1. Parallel communication : This is where the data is transferred as block (8-bit) like bytes through a medium

With rapid technology advancements, now we have lot of wireless means of communications.

The important ones among them are:

  1. Bluetooth communication:

Bluetooth is a technology that achieves high speed of data transfer, and can operate relatively with lesser power. Because of the flexibility that Bluetooth offers, it can be connected to any mobile phone or computer. Furthermore it is very easy to integrate this onto any system.

Bluetooth supports frequency band of 2.4 GHz and can send data at 721 KBPS. However the only constraint with this communication medium is that it can only transfer the data over a short distance, generally around 10 meters.

Here are some Bluetooth based communication project ideas that you can do

  • Bluetooth robotics: Through this project you will develop a robot that can be controlled by your smart phone using an android app.
  • Voice controlled robot: This project helps you to develop a robot that can be controlled by your smart phone using speech recognition technology.
  • Home automatics system: Through this project you will develop a device that controls all home appliances using a Bluetooth android app.
  • Robotic arm: This project will help you to develop a robotic arm having 3 degrees of freedom. Furthermore it can be controlled using android apps.
Bluetooth communication
  1. WIFI based communication:

WIFI or wireless LAN is a widely used digital means of wireless communication. Almost all the electronic devices which are being use today are connected to internet 24*7. It plays the most important role in facilitating the data transfer. Also with the advancement of technologies in the recent past, now it is possible for any device to connect internet through WIFI. Since the WiFi connects the devices to internet from any part of the world. Hence it gives a most important medium of communication for advancing technologies like IOT, robotics etc.

WIFI based communication project ideas:

  • Weather monitoring system using IOT: Through this project you will develop an electronic device that will record the temperature/humidity difference in the environment. As a result you can send it to cloud for storage and analysis.
  • Smart irrigation system using IOT: Through this project you will develop an electronic devices that will help you switch ON the water pump whenever the moisture level in the soil drops below a threshold. Moreover you can also send the data to could for storage and analysis.
  • Smart water monitoring system using IOT: Through this project you will develop an electronic device that will monitor the flow of water through the pipe. Finally you can send the data to cloud for storage and analysis.
  • Automatic street lighting system using IOT: Through this project you will develop an electronic device that will switch ON the street light. Therefore, whenever the intensity of sunlight drops below a threshold, it sends data to cloud for storage and analysis.
  •  Smart building system using IOT: This project will help you develop electronic devices to control the entire home appliance autonomously. Therefore, whenever there is a human presence inside a room it sends the data to cloud for storage and analysis .
  • Wifi controlled robot: In this project you will build a robot which will  connect to your PC through WIFI and can be control by sending commands through an html page.
WIFI communication

3. GSM based communication project:

GSM stands for global system for mobile communications. With the prices of smart phone coming down, most of the people have their own phones and uses GSM technology to communicate between each other. GSM  is capable of monitoring and controlling several devices remotely irrespectively of distance limitations which is most important factor . The GSM module comes with an 8-bit microcontroller that seamlessly transfers the data between devices. Hence building projects on GSM technology is effectively way to understand the operation of this communication medium.

Railway track security system using GSM, disaster intimation system using GSM, GSM based railway gate crossing control – are some more communication project ideas, out of which some are explain below:

  • Smart energy meter using GSM: Through this project you will develop an electronic device that will record the energy consumed by taking readings from the energy meter and therefore update the user via SMS.
  • GPS and GSM based tracker: Through this project you will develop electronic devices that will track the position of the system and update user the GPS coordinates real-time via SMS.
A overview on how GSM work
  1. Radio frequency (RF) based communication projects:

Radio frequency interface is used besides InfraRed (IR), because of disadvantages of IR . RF has a longer range and uses an RF transmitter and RF receiver to create the communication medium. Maximum 15 devices can be control using one RF interface. RFID is one such application which uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer information from RFID tag to RFID reader for identification purpose. From various industrial purposes to tracking activities, RFID provides an innovative way of communication medium.

RF based communication project ideas :

  • RFID based authentication system: This  project  will help you to develop an electronic device that will authenticate entry of only the registered user.
  • RFID based attendance systems: Through this project you will develop an electronic device that wills RFID based authentication system to mark the attendance of candidates.

Communication project ideas – RFID based passport identification, navigation robot using RFID, RFID based device control and authentication.

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