Best Internet of Things final year projects

Best Internet of Things final year projects

The Internet of Things was a revolutionary trend that altered the course of technology in a massive way. The year 2018 brought a lot of transformation in IoT and it emerged as one of the mainstream technologies. Although the Internet of Things is still considered as a relatively new trend, it still continues to dominate the industry. Unless someone is living under a rock, everyone has observed the effect of IoT on the world. The Internet of Things has enhanced the intelligence of physical devices which were earlier considered “dumb”. Hence, more and more engineers are gravitating towards including this technology in their technical skillset. Therefore, here are some of the best Internet of Things final year projects.

Current Internet of Things trends-

It is the efficiency of the Internet of Things that almost every industry has invest in IoT at some level. We have seen the healthcare industry being taken to the next level with the help of IoT biotechnology. We have experienced the evolution of smart homes by implementing IoT. Moreover we have observed smart disaster management systems due to the dynamic security environment. To summarize, there has been a steady growth in the field of Internet of Things. Hence you could never go wrong by including IoT in you skillset. By and large, Eckovation is one of the leading platforms for online courses. Therefore, learning the Internet of Things with Eckovation can prove to be a turning point in your career.

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Every possible task can be simplified by embedding IoT into it. As a result, these are the top trends of Internet of Things to look forward to in 2018.

Home Smart Home –

Home automation continues to be at the top of the current trends of Internet of Things. Automation is the process of governing various equipment, appliances, devices, and system with negligible human intervention. Hence the goal of home automation is to control basic home appliances and devices automatically. These devices can be kitchen appliances, air conditioners, fans, lights, and devices as simple as switches. However, the most important component is the Wi-Fi module. This module is used to connect a number of devices over the internet.

Project Components :

  • Arduino UNO –

This open-source platform can be used for creating an interactive environment. Arduino can interact with pretty much any device from LED’s and buttons to smart phones and microcontrollers.

  • Wi-Fi Module –

The Wi-Fi module is used for the wireless interaction between different devices. ESP8266 Wi-Fi module is the most common module to establish wireless communication between appliances.

  • Voltage Regulator –

The voltage regulator is a circuit which maintains a constant output voltage.

  • PIR Motion Sensor –

The PIR motion sensors are Passive InfraRed motion sensors. As a result, human motion can be detected by including these sensors in the project.

  • Relay and Jumper Wires –

A relay is used in home automation to connect devices to the Arduino UNO and to convert High voltage to low voltage.

Smart Healthcare –

Best Internet of Things final year projects

Healthcare is an essential part of life. Consequently Smart Healthcare systems have been very popular lately. Recently, There has been an introduction of a lot of smart wearables. As a result, the patients can wear these to track the factors related to health continuously. The Health monitoring system collects patient’s information with the help of sensors. The system can integrate various sensors, such as heartbeat sensor, temperature sensor, etc depending upon the requirement. Hence, this system can monitor the health of patients without any manual help. Consequently, a lot of human labor and time is reduced which can be extremely beneficial towards healthcare.

Project Components :

  • Arduino UNO –

Arduino UNO is used in the project to interact with the Wi-Fi module, various sensors, buzzer, and the Liquid Crystal Display(LCD).

  • Wi-Fi Module –

The wireless communication between the different sensors, Arduino UNO, LCD and the buzzer can be established with the help of the ESP8266 Wi-Fi module.

  • Heartbeat sensor and Temperature sensor –

We can use different type of sensors depending on what health factors we want to monitor. Generally, a heartbeat sensor and a temperature sensor are the most commonly used sensors.

  • Liquid Crystal Display –

The information acquired from the sensors is displayed with the help of a LCD.

  • Buzzer –

When the health factors reach beyond the normal ranges, a buzzer can alert the healthcare staff that the patient needs medical help.

Security systems based on IoT –

Best Internet of Things final year projects


The huge concern regarding our valuable possessions, documents, and assets has always kept us worried. Evidently, the safety of our prized possessions is very important for us. Additionally, security of human resources from natural and man-made calamities has also been the matter of huge concern. Hence, there has been an explosive growth of security systems based on the Internet of Things. Given below are some examples of these security systems.

  • Weather reporting system –

Best Internet of Things final year projects

There used to be a time when natural disasters were unpredictable. However, thanks to the advancements in technologies, we can now predict these disasters beforehand, and manage them. The Internet of Things technology has proved to be extremely helpful in these circumstances. The weather reporting system is a great example of the employment of IoT in disaster management.

Project Components :

  • ATMEGA328P AVR Microcontroller.
  • ESP8266 Wi-Fi module.
  • Humidity sensor.
  • Raindrop sensor.
  • LCD.
  • Crystal Oscillator.
  • LED.

Given below is another example of a security system.

  • IoT based Home security system –

Best Internet of Things final year projects

This security system is aimed to alert the user whenever an undesired movement is recorded through it. So when any undesired human motion is detected, a message is sent to the user.

Project Components :

  • Arduino UNO.
  • ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module.
  • PIR Sensor.
  • Voice Module.
  • Resistors and Capacitors.
  • Power supply.

Finally, some other project ideas related to IoT are given below.

  • IoT based traffic control system.
  • Biometric attendance system using IoT.
  • IoT Car parking system.
  • Energy meter reading system.
  • IoT based noise pollution monitor.
  • Gas pipe leakage system using IoT.
  • Air pollution monitor based on IoT.
  • Fire alerting system.
  • Iot based garbage monitoring system.

To conclude, these were the Best Internet of Things final year projects. Now, do you want to explore some other emerging technologies? Eckovation has the best online courses on every leading technology. So enhance your skills by taking online courses at Eckovation.

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