Best Online Course on MATLAB: Topics Covered in the Course

MATLAB is one of the most popular programming languages today for engineers and scientists, and with good reason—it allows data analysts to work efficiently with large amounts of data. The Online Course on MATLAB will teach you the best art of the language and it’s application and also this online course will award your knowledge with certificate.

To harness the MATLAB tools and gain a level of fluency with the language. We show how to work with the core syntax, which is significantly different than other programming languages; create scripts and functions; debug your program; and finally, work with plots, annotations, and images.

The final chapter covers external toolboxes—extensions and libraries that automate, complement, and enhance existing MATLAB functionality.

Best Online Course on MATLAB

Course Name : MATLAB : Basic to Advance Level of MATLAB

Prerequisite : Working knowledge of Computers

Duration : 6 Weeks

Time Input Expected :

This is a pretty intense course, and requires at least 6 hours of time commitment every week

Topics include:

  • Installing MATLAB
  • Working with MATLAB variables
  • MATLAB as Calculator
  • Working with matrix and scalar operations
  • Arithmatics in Matlab
  • Creating functions
  • 2-D and 3 -D Plots
  • Programming in MATLAB
  • Introduction to Data Type
  • Handling Excel Files in MATLAB

Medium of Instruction:

  1. Videos
  2. Quizzes
  3. Peer discussion forums, moderated by instructors
  4. 1 on 1 with Instructor

Hardware Requirement :

  1. Window/Mac/Ubuntu laptop
  2. Working internet connection

Course Plan

  1. Week 1
    1. Installing MATLAB
    2. Working with MATLAB variables
  2. Week 2
    1. MATLAB as Calculator
    2. Working with matrix and scalar operations
  3. Week 3
    1. Creating functions
    2. 2-D and 3 -D Plots
  4. Week 4
    1. Programming in MATLAB
  5. Week 5
    1. Programming in MATLAB
    2. Introduction to Data Type
  6. Week 6
    1. Handling Excel Files in MATLAB
    2. Course Revision

Course on Eckovation App: Online Course on MATLAB

To join the course, download the Eckovation App and join the group using Group Code: 693752.

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