Best Programming Languages for Robotics

Robotics is considerably huge field to cover as it involves various aspects of Electronics, Mechatronics, computer science, machine learning, instrumentations and controlling and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Along with the knowledge of above fields, the knowledge of programing language is essential as this is how robots obey the commands. With so much to cover, a new roboticist will definitely ask “what is the best programing language for robotics?”

Sadly the question does not have single answer with arrival of new technological advancement in field of robotics.  Instead of asking that you shall ask “which programing language you shall learn first?”

There, still, will be different answers to this question. So we have listed few key programing language a roboticist should start with. You can even learn the programing language mentioned below from the various online robotics course providers including Eckovation Robotics.



BASIC (Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) and PASCAL are two of the principal programming dialects.

BASIC is intended for apprentices, which makes it a really simple programing language to begin with.

Pascal was intended to empower great programming rehearses and furthermore presents builds like pointers.

Nowadays, the two dialects are somewhat obsolete to be useful for “regular utilize”. In any case, it can be helpful to learn them in case you will do a ton of low level coding or you need to get comfortable with other mechanical robotics languages.



Lisp stands for “list processing”. Lisp is not only the world’s second oldest programing language after FORTRAN but also has considerable importance in fields of Artificial intelligence and machine learning as developer says Lisp is designed to evolve.

Lisp is quite popular for its symbolic expression and great prototyping capabilities. Even some parts of ROS (robotic operating system) are written in Lisp.



One of the most popular and most used programing language, MATLAB, is an open source. MATLAB has become quite popular among the amateurs in this field and professional roboticist for analyzing information and building control system.

As some forums have stated that there are people who have developed entire robotic system by using only MATLAB. If you are concerned with top-tier analysis, generating technical data & graphs and establishing controlling unit the MATLAB will be a great help and you may want to learn it.



There has been an immense resurgence of Python lately particularly in apply autonomy.

One reason for this is presumably that Python is the primary programming dialects found in ROS (robotic operating system) other than C++. It can flawlessly be utilized with the information structures and other much of the time utilized AI calculations too.

Python abstains from a great deal of the typical things which take up time in programming, for example, characterizing and throwing variable sorts. What’s more, since it permits basic ties with C/C++ code, this implies execution overwhelming parts of the code can be actualized in these dialects to maintain a strategic distance from execution misfortune.

Moreover, Python is becoming even more popular with automation devices like Raspberry Pi and Arduino which makes it must learn programing language not only for Robotics but also for complete automation package.



Most of the computer and controlling engineering degree programs and Robotics Certification Courses teaches JAVA as their first programing language as it is providing all the high level features needed to deal with various aspects of robotics.

This object-oriented programing language is also great choice for AI programs especially building algorithms such as language processing, search and neural network algorithms and those are the essential aspects of any humanoid which is great challenge to robotics.

In shot JAVA cannot be avoided in the list of best programing language for robotics.


Many individuals concur that C and C++ are a decent beginning stage for new roboticists. C++ is the quickest programming dialect on the planet.

Its capacity to talk at the equipment level empowers engineers to enhance their program execution time. Since a great deal of equipment libraries utilize these dialects.

They permit association with low level equipment, take into account constant execution and are extremely develop programming dialects. In AI, C++ can be utilized for factual AI systems like those found in neural systems.

Calculations can likewise be composed broadly in the C++ for speed execution, and AI in amusements is for the most part coded in C++ for speedier execution and reaction time.

You’ll most likely utilize C++ more than C, on the grounds that the dialect has considerably more usefulness and it can take a considerable amount longer to execute a similar usefulness utilizing C.

We would suggest you, if you are beginner in this field, to start with C & C++ as they will be the stepping stone to grow further in field of robotics.

You can learn these languages and other Robotics certification course at Eckovation Robotics. We are a leading provider of robotics equipment and online robotics certification programs.

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