Best Winter Training Programs For Electronics Engineering (ECE) Students

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With the development of technology in every field, it is very difficult for an engineering aspirant to select the best training programs during their semester breaks. During this period of engineering, we learn the same outdated subjects/topics SEM after SEM. Isn’t it exhausting to learn them?

Well, it is equally important to learn them. The reason is you cannot approach towards advanced technologies without knowing the basics and outdated technologies. However, it is equally important to merge with the new technologies because it will help you to step forward in getting your desired job and your higher studies as well.

Well, let me first tell you, what a training program is? Then we will move forward for the winter training programs for ECE students.

What is a training program?


Training or vocational training is the period where you are explored to the practical world of technology. Here you can see how the technologies deal with the theories in the books that you learned in your classrooms. It also provides you the platform to get in touch with the new technologies that the industries demand.

However, aspirants are often in big dilemma to choose a particular subject for their training programs. Let me first clear your doubts. You should do training on that particular topic which attracts your attention. Now as this content is for ECE students, so let me help you with an example related to this stream. Suppose you are willing to work in a telecommunication industry, so you need to choose your training program related to communication subject. This not only increases the weight of your CV but also you will have a basic knowledge of the industry, which your competitors may not have. However, training programs are always not related to job perspective, it is equally important for higher studies also. It is about your interest in learning new technologies and keep updated with this digital era.

However, if you want to explore more about training please visit:

Now let’s begin with the training programs that you are willing to know.

Important Training Programs For ECE Students

1.PCB Designing

Have you ever wondered, why our daily used electronic devices are small and weightless as compared to a few decades ago? It’s because of the development of PCB technology. PCB means Printed Circuit Board, is a copper laminated board that connects all the electric and electronic components together. It is because of PCB we are able to mount and connect all the nano-electronic components of a device together.


PCB manufacturing is a long process. So let me tell u in a nutshell. The core material of a PCB is glass fiber, which is followed by copper coating.  However to design any kind of circuits we first need a blueprint. After the circuit design using some software, we print PCB by a chemical process followed by Etching (chemical process for removing the unwanted laminated copper).

Both Circuit & Non-circuit lovers will love this training program. This training will also help you in your final year projects.

Learn to design PCB at Rs. 4999 in 6 months at Eckovation.



Can you think a day without electronic gadgets? I hope no because “Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets”. Ever imagined how these devices work so smartly? It is due to those chips inside your gadgets. Now next question is how these chips are made. A process known as VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) makes it. The name depicts that, it is the integration of thousands of transistor into a single microchip and hence creating an IC.

Why do we need to combine thousands of chips into a single IC? The reason is simple thousands of transistor will take large no of space, heat dissipation and more power as compared to a single chip. It is due to this VLSI technology electronic gadgets operating speed is increased.

Isn’t it sound interesting, combining thousands of transistors into a single chip. You will learn a lot more about this technology and its manufacturing process in the industries via training.

Organizations will give hardly 1-1.5 months training with an estimated cost of at RS. 8000.

3.Internet of Things(IoT)


This is the most innovative technology of this generation. The name says it’s all about things i.e. it’s cool devices. Isn’t it cool that two devices communicate with each other across the internet? The interconnection of man and machine is IoT. It is the technology where the physical objects are connected with chips and sensors and it will work according to our instructions. Some of the cool IoT devices that are trending in the market are smartwatch, Google Assistant, smart mirror, home automation, weather monitoring system, etc. By 2020, the number of IoT devices will reach 30 billion in figures.

Woo! It’s interesting! The more you learn about IoT, the less you know about it. It’s a never-ending topic to discuss. With the help of this training, you will come to know lots of interesting thing about IoT and it can be the best topic for your project.

IoT online certification course available at Rs 14999 for 3 months at Eckovation.

4.Embedded systems

Today’s generation will hardly find any electronic devices without the embedded system. However, it is very hard to define the definition of the embedded system because it is a computing device other than a computer.


An embedded system is an electronic or electro-mechanical system embedded with hardware and software to perform a particular task. Embedded system has 3 major components- Hardware (physically connected and comprises of the microcontroller); software ( allows the user to run the application via coding to access particular task) and RTOS (guides the embedded system to work). Digital clocks, washing machine, mobiles, calculators, printers and etc. are some examples of an embedded system. Computers are a combination of an embedded system.

Too much confusion? You must know about the embedded system broadly via training. However, projects on the embedded system will not be a bad idea.

Estimated cost and duration of this course: Rs 5000-10000 for 1-2 months.




Robotics is the most interesting part of engineering. It combines probably all the disciplines of engineering together. Robotics is the study of technology that is used to develop machines that can substitute humans. The aim is to build a robot that does all the human actions and reduces human efforts.

Want to explore more about Robotics? Then join Robotics course at Eckovation for 3 months at only Rs 7499. We will help you to gain the basic conception of robotics and you will be able to build a Line Follower Robot (can detect and follow the lines drawn on the floor). The most important thing we care at Eckovation is you don’t need any prior knowledge in robotics. Your interest is more than enough for us to deliver you.

6. Arduino Programming

arduino board

It is one of our favorite micro-controller, we use in making cool projects. Arduino is actually the name of a company that produces micro-controllers and are often called Arduino Boards. However, each Arduino Board has different model used for different applications. Micro-controller is a kind of computer processor having the bunch of components that handle the output and input. Arduino boards make it easier to connect the physical world to the digital world. We need a code to run any device. You need to learn those codes that will be applied to the Arduino boards to get the desired output. Generally, C codes are being learned during this training. But you need this training to execute the Arduino boards.

Estimated duration of the course is 1 month with an estimated price of Rs.4000-8000.

7. Industrial Automation


Industrial automation comprises of two words industry and automation. So it is the method for automation of machines using various control system in the industry to replace human being. Automation means automatically controlled operation of a device or a system by electronic or mechanical system.  Automation is done with the help of PLC (programmable logic controller), is an programmable controller that allows the operator to program and perform a particular task. want to know more about PLC? Come let’s know at Eckovation within 6 months at Rs. 14999. You will get the best of it.



MATLAB stands for Matrix Laboratory. It is a high-level language that is used for matrix manipulation, plotting of functions, data implementation, the creation of user interface, image processing, data analytics, computational finance, wireless communications and lot more. You may have heard this term MATLAB first in your signals and system class. But due to less time during the semester teachers are unable to discuss properly the importance and application of MATLAB. It is an important software that you will deal in your entire engineering course. Industries that use MATLAB are automotive, biotech, aerospace, defense, communication, railway system and much more. Training will help you to explore the basics and advanced level of MATLAB. The overall duration of the training will be 2 months with the course fee of close to 5K.



Here language means programming language. Almost all the recruiters of IT sectors want freshers to have a basic knowledge of programming. However, in the course curriculum, you learn a programming language. But is it enough? Today the scenario is “ Coding is running the world “. However, which programming language to begin with? The mother of all programming language is C. Basic C and C++ will help you to step forward in the coding world. However, this world is running on Python language. The big organization deals with this programming language in this modern generation. The course duration for C, C++ & Python is 1 month with the fee structure of Rs. 2000 for C & C++ and Rs. 5000 for python programming.

Nevertheless, the list is not finished yet. You may also look down for more cool topics for your training.

And lot more

These are the bunch of topics that may help you in selecting the best winter training program as per your interest. However, you may have gone through the news that MHRD Minister Prakash Javadekar Has Made 3 Internships Compulsory. Isn’t it a hectic job to find an internship? Don’t worry Eckovation is always there with you. So a good news for you all is that we offer guaranteed internship on the courses at Eckovation. Don’t miss this opportunity. Hurry up , book your seats and rise above all.

For any queries and feedback drop your comments below.

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