Biggest IoT Competitions in India

Biggest IoT Competitions in India

One simple idea can change your life“. 

An idea is so powerful, when groomed in the right way it probably transforms you and everyone around you. Also every innovative company that has come up today may have originated from one such awesome idea. In a similar way, companies like etc were founded likewise from ideas which students came up with while participating in competitions.

Besides that, when a person is pushed to limits it seems like his mind activates and opens up the creative skills as a result, paving a way for some amazing ideas. But probably the challenge here is to transform the idea into reality.

While the competitions provide you exactly this kind of platform, where they enhance your creativity and bring the best out of you. Besides that they also provide you an effective platform for transforming the idea into reality. 


First of all what is IoT? The Internet of things(IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, home appliances and also other items embedded with electronics, and software, sensors, actuators  which enable these things to connect, collect and exchange data. Furthermore it has the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Certainly it refers to a system of interrelated, internet-connected objects that communicate over wireless networks.

Importance of IoT:

It is noteworthy that Internet of things is the most trending technological field which converts any electronic device into a smarter one. Almost all the industries are beginning to adopt this technology on to their operations to increase their productivity and also to improve efficiency as a result of its importance in present day world.

Besides that this innovative technology not only connects the devices to the internet but also provides the user various features like real-time analytics, platform to analyze the collected data, cloud data storage, triggering an action from a remote location, remote notifications etc. Probably because of it’s wide range of applications, most of the industries are integrating this technology.

Internet of Things certification course

Also, the reports state that more than 50 billion devices can connect to the internet via IoT. As a result it is transforming into a multi-trillion dollar market. Hence this is the scope of this amazing technology.

IoT applications :

Some IoT applications in real world are :

  1. Smart home
  2. Connected cars
  3. Smart cities
  4. Industrial Internet
  5. IoT in agriculture
  6. IoT in health care
  7. Smart retail
  8. IoT in poultry and farming
  9. Smart grids
  10. Smart Wearables

IoT Competitions:

Above all, The Internet of Things opens up a whole new level of product design for the reason that interaction of  anything can connect to the cloud inevitably.

How to participate in IoT competitions?

Step1: You can participate in any of the IoT workshops organized across the nation.

Step2: At the end of the workshop, probably top performing teams will be picked based on the challenge performance. 

Step3: Finally shortlisted students will be invited to the finals of the competition.

Some tips to win IoT competitions :

1. Choose your team wisely. Identify the potential people with key skills and form a team.
2. Besides that bring in lot of creativity, innovation and design concepts to your product.
3. Identify the right mentor who seems like he can guide you in that particular technology.
4. Also learn the technology from basics to bring in more innovation.
5. Browse most of the online journals and materials to identify the latest innovations in the field of IoT.
6. Above all improve your communication and presentation skills in addition to technical skills. 

Hence by following these tips you can win the competitions.

How participating in IoT competitions helps you?

1. Substantial experience.
2. Building your profile.
3. Making new contacts.
4. Showcasing your skills.
5. Financial bonus.



Another latest IoT competition is the IoT challenge 2019. It is the challenge which is held at Radiance IIT Bombay by i3indya technologies on 17th March 2019.

It is India’s 3rd National Level event in which students from almost 1500 colleges of India would be participating, including IITs and NITs. The IoT challenge 2019 is held at different cities of India. Probably there may be a minimum participation of 100-200 students from each city.

Event Details:

It consists of 5 different steps to enter to the finale.

1. Register at any zonal center across India.

2. Two days workshop which is of 10-12 hours duration.

3. Prelims event: After completion of task by all teams as per problem statement given 5 teams will be qualified for next round.

4. Qualification for final round: Hence the winning teams submit their solutions via email and whose solutions are more innovative and more feasible will be chosen for finale.

5.Shortlisting of teams : 3 top shortlisted teams are invited for finale round.

and finally

6. The Finale : Finally the selected teams present their prototypes before a panel of expertise.

Participation process:

  • First- of all select any zonal center and register online.
  • Second- get a unique ID and also receive confirmation mail to your email ID.
  • Third- show the screenshot of confirmation mail and unique ID at the registration desk of respective zonal center.
  • Fourth- attend the workshop and get direct entry into the prelims round on the 2nd day of workshop.

Prizes: Total prizes certainly worth up to INR 1 Lakh are given to the winners.

List of biggest IoT competitions:

1. IoT Challenge 2018 at IIT Bombay.
2. IoT Challenge 2019 at Radiance IIT Bombay by i3indya technologies on March 17th.

These were some of the best IoT competitions in India. We hope you liked this article. Please share your feedback in the comment section below. Because we at Eckovation value your ideas.

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