Budget 2019: National AI programme will create mass reach for Tech

Technology services industry said the government’s proposal for a national programme on artificial intelligence (AI) could democratise the technology and help a wider mass benefit using AI-based solutions.

Finance Minister Piyush Goyal said in the interim Budget today that it has envisaged a National Programme on AI to take the benefits of this technology and as part of this initiative a National Centre on Artificial Intelligence would also be set up.

“India has become the second largest hub of start-ups. In order to take benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related technologies to the people, a national programme on artificial intelligence has been envisaged by our government. This should be catalysed by the establishment of the National Centre of AI as a hub along with centres of excellence. Nine priority areas have been identified,” Goyal said.

He said that a national AI portal will be developed soon.

AI technology helps in analysing data in various technologies to improve the efficiency of the system like power management in cars, mobile devices, weather predictions, video and image analysis etc.

The minister said that India is now leading the world in mobile data consumption which has increased 50 times monthly under the present regime with data and voice calls being offered at very low rates.

Goyal said that more than 3 lakh common service centres are operating across the country delivering government services that are available digitally to people in rural areas and helping government create digital villages.

“In the next five years, we will be creating 1 lakh digital villages,” Goyal said.

The finance minister also unveiled the government’s vision for 2030 in which digital technologies will play a pivotal role.

Goyal said that the digital infrastructure in the digital economy of 2030 will be built upon successes achieved in recent years in digitisation of government processes and private transactions.

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