How to Build Your Own Drone from Scratch

Unmanned aerial vehicles have been around for decades, but they have achieved the greatest popularity in recent years with small commercial drones. The new so-called FPV (first person view) technology gave us a unique experience of flying and the advancement of GPS systems in drones opened a whole new world for passionate individuals.

Of course, drones are not the only RC flying devices on the market, but their agile multi-rotors and their capability to take amazing photos and record stunning videos during flight made them the most popular. That’s why commercial drones are in great demand nowadays but have you ever wondered how to build a DIY drone from scratch?

Making a drone from scratch

Today, there is a wide range of drones on the market, and they differ in size, design, and properties. You just need to visit some popular online stores, where the drones are being sold, and find some ready to use a model that best suits you according to its features and price.

Most people do it. On the other side, people who like do it yourself projects, enjoy building these devices from scratch. If you also like this craft, you can buy drone kits and enjoy piecing them together like a Lego puzzle.

However, the real challenge is to construct a drone from scratch without using a special kit. You would have to find the necessary pieces and imagine the drone structure yourself. So what do you say? Are you up for the task?

Eckovation’s Drone development course provides you with a comprehensive guide to Learn, Build & Fly your own drone & take take aerial photography.

The course comes with a kit delivered to your home which includes the following components:

  1. Embedded Development Board
  2. Brushless DC motors
  3. Propellers (Pushers and Pullers)
  4. Electronic Speed Controllers
  5. Power Distribution Board
  6. Accelerometer sensors
  7. Gyroscopic sensors
  8. Quadrotor frame
  9. Arduino
  10. Wireless Camera
  11. Screws and Nuts
  12. Transmitter
  13. Receiver
  14. Working tools

Taking this course will enable you to learn the following things:

  1. Learn about Arduino and connecting wirelessly via a remote
  2. Understand how the flying works, and balancing of frame and rotor control
  3. Learn about Aerial photography
  4. Have your own remote controlled camera attached drone flying in the sky!

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll into the Drone Development Course today & have your own eyes in the sky!

To know more about the course: Click Here


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