Building of home automation using Internet of things

Building of home automation using Internet of things

Home is more than just four walls. It is a place where we grow. We learn new things.  It is a place where all the happiness and joy are at apex.  So, have you ever thought that your home can dance on the rhythm that you want. The place can be just like you. It would adjust to you. Yes, that is possible, Internet of Things can help you make your home a smart one. IOT, it is a booming business. Every multinational company wants to set their feet in the branch. It is the future. This article would tell you about building of home automation using IoT.

Home automation would help you control lighting switches, air conditioners, ventilation etc. It would help save electricity. It would increase the convenience of the people. Even more, it leads to an increase in the security. The system feature of the Home Automation are :

  • Automatic light and Camera on/off by motion sensor.
  • Main door open/close detection by magnetic door sensor.
  • Automatic AC on/off by temperature sensor.
  • Alarm when smoke detected by smoke sensor.
  • Appliance controlled through mobile phone.
  • Notification via Email & SMS.

The circuit diagram of the Home Automation is shown below :

Circuit Diagram –

Building of home automation using Internet of things


The following components are being used for Home Automation:

Arduino : It is is best micro controller that is available in the market. Since, the coding in Arduino is easy. The specifications are also the apt for the mini project we are doing.

  1. It has 14 digital input/output pins (of which 6 can be used as PWM outputs).
  2. It has 6 analog inputs.
  3. 16 MHz crystal oscillator.
  4. Output voltage is 5v.
  5. Input voltage is 5-12v.

Since, the entire automation is all about connecting devices automatically. Therefore, the internet is put to use. The internet connectivity is not in Arduino therefore we use Ethernet shield. It is based on the Wiznet W5100 Ethernet chip.

Passive Infrared Motion sensor : This sensor is used to detect the human presence. The IR sensor has two slots, both of which are empty. When both the slots are empty same amount of light passes through both the slots. When a human passes through the sensor, it is first intercepted by the first slot. Whenever, there is a differential change between the two slots. This is the positive differential change. Similarly, reverse differential change is generated when the body leaves.



Temperature Sensor : It is used to measure the temperature in the surrounding area. According to the temperature the fan or ac is turned on depending on the connection.

Magnetic Door Sensor : The sensor is typically a reed switch enclosed in a plastic casing. It will be installed on the door. Therefore, when the door closes the circuit will be complete. Similarly, when the door opens the circuit is incomplete. Therefore, the controller knows that someone is inside the room. Hence, the circuit will work accordingly.

Smoke Sensor : The sensor is very helpful in detecting LPG leakage. This makes our homes a better place to live in. The characteristics of the sensors are :-

  • Good sensitivity to Combustible gas in wide range.
  • High sensitivity to LPG, Propane and Hydrogen.
  •  Long life and low cost.

The next step is implementing the idea through IOT middleware. The best application to do the work would be Cayenne. It is world’s first drag and drop IOT product builder. The application is used to build the prototypes and put to use. Moreover, it is available for iOS as well as android platform. Even more, the software is completely free. You can easily drag and drop the contents and start working.

The advantages of this home automation are :-

  • Saves electricity.
  • Control home appliances form anywhere in the world.
  • Quick response.
  • You will receive a email or SMS for any activity.
  • Helps for safety purpose.
  • Monitoring all the time.

The home automation is really interesting concept if put to use. Almost all of the big companies are working to make it a reality. There are many number of research done on this topic. Therefore, it has become a basic necessity to learn it. Even so, I have given placements interview and most of them ask Internet of things. Moreover, if you want to learn more on it go through the link.

IoT projects

Finally, please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. We at ecEckovati value your opinion. Do not forget to drop your comments.

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