Why Campus Brand Manager Roles Are Perfect for Students

Are you a student looking for a part-time job? Do you have a passion for Entrepreneurship, Sales and Marketing? Then you should consider becoming a Campus Brand Manager!

Brand ambassador roles can help young professionals gain experience and develop skills, making them excellent entry-level opportunities for students. Plus, they can come with some pretty fun perks like store discounts, access to special events, and more!

If you’re looking to hatch a unique career in the Entrepreneurship, Sales and Marketing industry, here are 3 reasons why you should consider starting out as a Campus Brand Manager!

What is a Campus Brand Manager?

A brand manager is someone who is hired by an organization to promote their products or services. The main difference between a brand manager and other marketing advocates is that brand managers share their passion for a particular good or service. Many companies invest in brand manager as a way for their customers to associate a face with their brand. Adding this human aspect helps companies attract and build positive connections with their consumers.

Entry-level experience

One reason to consider becoming a student brand manager is because of the entry level experience you’ll gain. In this role, you’ll have the opportunity to build critical skills that can help you in other Sales and Marketing related career paths – and unlike most entry-level roles, you’ll have a lot of responsibility from day one.

Two important skills you’ll develop while working as a brand manager are communication and interpersonal skills. Since the main responsibility of this role is product and service endorsement, you will gain a lot of experience working directly with customers. Being able to attract a customer’s attention, build a relationship with them, and promote a product or service to them requires strong oral communication and interpersonal skills, which are transferable to other careers in Sales and Marketing.

Flexible working hours

Depending on your employer, another attractive feature of becoming a brand manager is the possibility of having flexible working hours. This means that if you’re in school, you could request to work on certain days or on the weekends. For many students, having flexible working hours is a bonus because it means they can schedule work around their classes.

Alternatively, being a brand manager also offers many full-time jobs for those who want a more traditional entry-level position. There are also many temporary brand manager gigs that can last anywhere from one day to one month, depending on the role.

High-energy environment

If you’re looking for an energetic and egg-citing place to work, becoming a brand manager could be the perfect role for you. Unlike most Sales and Marketing jobs, this one doesn’t involve sitting at a desk all day – being a brand manager is all about hands-on work with customers. And it’s likely that your environment will be constantly changing, since many brand managers will have the opportunity to work on different promotions within a company.

Other skills you have that may mean you’re suited to be a brand manager:

  • Passionate – This is probably the most important skill for a brand manager to have in order to attract customers’ attention.
  • Sociable – Customers resonate with brands they can relate to. As a brand manager, your job is to build and nurture these relationships, so strong social skills are key.
  • Teamwork – In many cases, you’ll be working with a team of other brand managers, so you need to be able to collaborate with others to promote a product or service.
  • Polite – As a brand manager, you’re representing the company – so it’s important to maintain a professional and polite presence at all times.
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