Computer Science Projects You can do

Computer Science Projects You can do

Computer science inverts the normal. In normal science, you’re given a world, and your job is to find out the rules. In computer science, you give the computer the rules, and it creates the world -Alan Kay. Computer have always fascinated humans. Humans have evolved and so have computers. Initially , it was stacked in a room and know you can just carry it around with you. Computers evolved and so that the need to study it. Students from all over the world prefers to take Computer Engineering. Sometimes , they find it difficult as to what projects they should do. Project always plays crucial role .Therefore , here’s the list of computer science projects you can do that will make you understand the subject even more efficiently.

Student Information System

The information system takes Java as its front end and MS Acess as their data base registration system.Java is user friendly language.The platforms provides object components like buttons,buttons, textfields, radio button, combobox, list, images, checkbox that you can refer on how to use these components.It also has database for storing the information about each and every student.The system can delete , edit , search , add students. The project can include the marks of the student. Various details can be added to the project like personal details, semester wise gpa etc. You can make changes according to the need of your project. However , if you have basic knowledge of data structure and algorithm the project would have less complexity.

Barcode Image generation library

Barcode is a optical , machine readable data.It contians limited amount of data. It is basically and identifier to the database of the paticular object.The library first turns the data into a series of 1s and 0s representing equal-width bars and spaces. This string of binary information is then sent to a drawing method that converts it to an image representing the desired barcode. The drawing method is common ,therefore can be applied on all  symbols .


Image Stenography

Stenography is a method of hiding secret data, by embedding it into an audio, video, image or text file. It is one of the methods employed to protect secret or sensitive data from malicious attacks.This project is developed for hiding information in any image file. In this, the user selects from two option i.e. encryption or decryption. If user selects encrypt, the application selects an image file and information file . It will give option to hide information and save the image. If the user selects decrypt, the application gives the screen to select only the image file. After selection , user chooses the path to save the image.

Automatic waste segregation

We generate waste that fits into many categories. This projects tries to categorize  the waste as plastic, metallic or organic. The monitoring system helps to monitor the waste collection process. The techniques used to segregate wastes are :-

  • Trommel separators : -Used mainly is solid and mineral waste industry
  • Eddy current separators :- Uses magnetic field to separate metals from the waste .
  • Inductor sorting :- Electrical conductors traversing through the field change these waves and a computer detects the signal difference for each individual particle, which makes it possible to accurately sort particles with a conductor of thicknesses 1mm.
 Arduino Uno board connects the entire system . All other parts like ultrasonic sensors, inductive proximity sensor, DC motors,blower and electromagnet are interfaced to the Arduino board.


Emotion Based Music Player

A music player that plays songs according to the current mood. When a person is sad a soulful music is plays. Wen the person is happy it plays party songs. A basic idea as to how to do the project is as follows :-

  • Write an interface to capture image from video cam
  • Segment face out of it
  • Extract facial features
  • A classifier trains the application according to the features
  • Select a simple music application
  • The music application sorts the playlist accordingly.

Securing Computer Folders

We all tend to give our passwords of our computers. We do not pay much attention to it . However , the people we share passwords with can change our documents.

  • Make an interface to discover the  Bluetooth devices
  • For security purposes , authenticate the MAC address through password
  • The application runs on backward process as soon as computer starts
  • Select a folder as a working folder.
  • Have a timer which will read contents of all types of files within the folder.
  • To check the connectivity , application implements the Handshake protocol within five minutes
  •  As soon as the user logs of the computer , it encrypts the  files in the folder.
  • The same process is repeats, each time it user logs in.
  • If somebody else tries to log in , Bluetooth device if  any do not match . Hence no password required
  • Therefore , the other user do not get to change files

Webcam Based Credit Card Reader

In today’s world when the theft is more through internet ,  internet security has raised concerns of many . The idea behind this project is security of the credit card owner. A webcam software will get the inputs from the webcam when the user holds the credit card in front of the cam. The information like credit card number , CVV number , name , expiry date , bank and type of card would be recognized. Also, the camera uses the face authentication. Instead of , the password authentication by gateways. The idea is extremely useful to curb the online threats.

Duplicate File Remover

We usually download the files on our computers before mailing them. Even after , mailing them the we do not remember to delete them. It consumes a lot of disk spaces. This is not feasible when in the advancing world. Henceforth , taking this objective in mind write a software that runs a scheduled process which groups the duplicate files.It can be similar like a folder or a word document. Now, the manager lets you know how many files are similar. It will tell you what is the level of similarity. According to the level ,user can take actions. Actions can be according to the needs of users like deleting or migrating.

Location aware Personalized Assistance

When a we arrive at a  new place , we do not know anything about the new.This project implements this problem as the objective of this project. Through the GPS information , local map downloads on the phone. It also contains information about hotels, restaurants,coffee places ,hospitals,nerby tourist destinations etc. In addition to other information  the address of the place also displays.Deeper local searches manages the information which corresponds that its area wise also.

Convert a Pdf to VoiceBook

This projects reads a PDF file. Text to speech converts the file to speech.The special coding scheme is employed to compress the voice.Design an interface which will implement the idea.We can also add features like loop back to previous chapter,paragraph etc.The voice can be transmitted through FM to a location.

Even more ideas exists according to the interest of the students.  As a result ,the list never exhausts. Finally , drop your project ideas in the comment section below.

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