Course Plan for Web Development SEO and Analytics Course on Eckovation

Web Development: The power of website is undoubtedly strongest in present world. It’s presence are everywhere, and staggeringly more number of things are being done with this in our everyday life like booking movie tickets, transferring money etc. Won’t you like to have your very own website by knowing the skills of making it?

If yes, then this course is right for you. This course takes you from basics to mature level of the web development.

Course Name : Web Development: On WordPress

Prerequisite : None

Duration : 5-7 Weeks

Time Input Expected :

This is a pretty intense course, and requires at least 5 hours of time commitment every week

Medium of Instruction:

  1. Videos
  2. Quizzes
  3. Live Discussion on Eckovation
  4. Assignment

Hardware Requirement :

  1. Window/Mac/Ubuntu laptop
  2. Working internet connection

Take away from the course

  1. The know how of web development,
  2. Mastery in web development,
  3. You first live website for forever
  4. Certification which will declare you as a web developer

Course on Eckovation App:

To join the course, download the Eckovation App and join the group using Group Code: 581647

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