Crash Course of Machine Learning By Industrial Experts

Crash Course of Machine Learning for beginners, to give introduction of the technology and the application of ML. 

In the ever-changing era of technology, Machine Learning is what is trending now and everybody is going crazy to learn it and have a future in the field. The best thing for the learners of Machine Learning now is that there is an escalating demand of people having proven skills in this subject.

With an average salary of 8 lakhs per annum in India, it has indeed become the most in-demand skill for computer science engineers and others alike. And if you have proven skills in the domain, it becomes easier to ladder up your career in the regarded field.

Here comes the free Crash Course of Machine Learning

The course will not only equip you with all the know-hows of Machine learning but will also provide you a verified certificate so that you can showcase your learned skill-sets in the job interviews that you will face afterwards. 

How Machine learning works – With the availability of tremendous amount of DATA and the ease in accessing them, it is possible to make the computers “learn” to take decisions. Once we have enough data, various Artificial Intelligence algorithms are employed based on this data and we get nearly accurate results through prediction.

As more data is accumulated, the accuracy improves. Accurate algorithms are then created and data-driven predictions are obtained. You will see in details how this is actually achieved as you will go through the course.


Topics involved in Crash Course

1. Introduction to Machine Learning: The topic will brief you about the basic definition and use-cases of ML.

2. Project of estimation of Cost of the flat: The course starts with the introduction to the basics of Machine learning then there is a project on the topic “Cost of flats”. This project will help you understand how the concepts of Machine learning is implemented in daily life problems.

3. Basics of Regression: Regression is another important subtopic of Machine learning which is covered thoroughly in this course. You will have explained lectures on Linear regression and Polymer regression and some of its examples.

4. Example of Spam Email Detection and App Recommendation: To provide in-depth knowledge on regression, there is another project included in the course: Spam Email Filter and App Recommendation.

This project is a critical element of the course and needs a relatively high level of competence. Because when you are done with this project you will be confident about your learnings on Machine Learning. You will start seeing examples around you where you could use algorithm of Machine Learning to obtain a certain desired result.

Uniqueness of the Crash Course of ML 

When you are learning Machine Learning there are other topics where you should be clear with some basic concepts.The curriculum of this course is designed while keeping this in mind.

Neural Network and Deep Learning are two examples of such topics that will help you to excel in the field of Machine learning. The course has started these topics from scratch and then takes it to professional level. So you won’t feel lost at any point as you go through these sections.

How to Join the Crash Course:

The program is available on Eckovation App and it is totally free of cost, the certification is also complementary if you will complete the course. To join the program follow the 2 step process:

  1. Update/Download Eckovation App: Click Here
  2. Join the ML Crash Course by using the group code: 769412

Duration of the ML Course

The duration of the course is 75 minutes and the curriculum is designed by some of the most influential Machine Learning instructors. So all you have to do is just to be regular with the course contents.

The course doesn’t have any pre-requisites. So anyone can easily learn all the required concepts through the contents of this online course and accelerate their way to a shining career in Machine Learning.


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