Creative CS projects for Computer Geeks

cs projects

Are you struggling to make constructive projects for your curriculum vitae (CV) ??

If yes then this article is for you, during the placement session the most headache for cs students is the deficiency of projects in their bounds. Most of the companies demand projects in Java. So, in this article we will discuss top five projects that will enhance you knowledge and curriculum vitae (CV)!

cs projects

This is the list of creative CS projects for computer geeks! However, for making projects, the basic knowledge of the java is must.

1. Network tool and computer comparison :

Whenever we build a tool or software the first thing we focus on is its application. This is one of the most valuable cs  projects  because of its application  in the daily routine.

  • Need ??

Let me give a proper explanation where this project is applicable. While working on the computer labs, sometimes we forget to shut down the computer.

If there are 100 computers and 45 forget to close the Computer then, lab administrator will visit each computer and will close one by one. So, this is a tough thing to do, so to remove this problem this tool is required.

In this there will be a centralized computer which will be connected to all the computers and admin can turn off all computers and do comparison of all the systems (RAM, HDD, Processors).


ip address

  •  Requirements :

You need a good knowledge of basic java topics like Thread communication, Socket programming, Graphical User Interface Design etc. You will make a Main – Server, IP detection, Comparison User Interface.

2. Employee Monitoring System :

Whenever a company hires employee, company picks according to the relevant skills and requirement. However the company needs to put a check on the number of employees.

  • Need ??

Sometimes, the employee is not committed to the company but company is giving full comfort to the employee. So, to put a check on the working of the employee we need some kind of tool.

This is difficult for a person to put a check so, company needs a software through which the admin can put a check and all the activities of a day will be stored in the database as a video.

cs projects employee monitoring system

  • Requirements :

For this particular project you need a good knowledge of Socket Programming, Thread communication, and JDBC. You will design a login page for the employee and a login page for the admin and a database to keep a record of the video.

3. Instagram (Desktop Version) :

In this world, we cannot live without  being social. So, in this digital world we communicate with our friends, relatives and others through social media. So, after Facebook, the most popular Social media application is Instagram.

  • Need ??

    • Today everyone is using smartphones because of the market penetration in mobile industry. But when we want to operate it using desktop there is not such application available, due to this point there is a need of Instagram (desktop version).


    Instagram cs projects

  • Requirements :

For this project, good understanding of Graphic User Interface is must. You need to design a Sign up page, follow friends, upload images, manage walls, like and comment.

4. Twitter ( Desktop Version) :

In this world, like we told you earlier, we cannot live without being social. Twitter is used for formal discussions. Though mostly it is used by the celebrities, politicians, writers.

  • Need ??

As, twitter is mostly used by celebrities , politicians and upper class people, so they need a better operative interface and to meet this loop-hole we need to design such an application.

twitter cs projects

  • Requirements :

For this project the most important thing is a better understanding of Application program interface (API), Graphic User Interface and some basics too. Design a login page, view various profiles, Upload posts, like and comment .

5. English vocabulary builder :

Today for students the most important skill that we need to get is good communication skills and to get good communication skills we need to be good at vocabulary .

  • Need ??

To be good at communication skills we need a tuition but we cannot get time to get tuition in our hectic schedules. So, we need a better resource which will be comfortable to us. Hence, here comes the need of an application through which we can get good communication skills using this cs project.

vocabulary cs projects

  • Requirements :

For this project you need a basic knowledge of Graphical User Interface Design, Java Database connectivity (JDBC). You need to design a Login, Sign up page, personal walls, and set ups.

  •  Notes of java for CS projects :

For studying the basics of java and required knowledge for the cs projects you can refer to the following link:

After, designing the project you need to display the cs projects so, you can upload it to the Git-hub account and to get the basics you can also refer to:

For projects in other domain you can read about Computer Science & Engineering Mini Projects & Best Skills Required to become a Java Developer.


We hope you liked the article. Please let us know about your views and suggestions in the comment section below.

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