Digital India: Skill India Program for all the Engineering Students

Aiming to improve the employ-ability of engineering graduates, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has decided to make three internships of 4-8 weeks duration mandatory for undergraduate students.

The apex regulatory body has also put the responsibility on the institutions for helping the students find suitable industries or organisations for the internship.
The decision was taken at the recent council meeting where it was discussed that out of the 7-8 lakh graduates passing out from engineering colleges each year, only one-third are employable and just 50 per cent join in their core areas of study.

Now what should be your Strategy: Certificate Courses to Acquire Skills

For this, 10 Important Courses for Internship which are live. Choose the ones which are best suited to you:

  1. C Programming Course (4 weeks)                                                           Click Here if Interested
  2. JAVA Programming Course (6 weeks)                                                   Click Here if Interested 
  3. Python Course (2 months)                                                                          Click Here if Interested 
  4. Start Up Course ( 4 weeks)                                                                         Click Here if Interested 
  5. Android Development Course (8 weeks)                                             Click Here if Interested 
  6. Web Development Course (4 weeks)                                                     Click Here if Interested 
  7. SolidWorks Training ( 8 weeks)                                                                Click Here if Interested
  8. Social Media Marketing Course (6 weeks)                                          Click Here if Interested
  9. MATLAB Course (2 Months)                                                                        Click Here if Interested
  10. Design Course (2 Months)                                                                          Click Here if Interested

Five benchmarks for the such Programs in Engineering by Indian Goverment

1. Improve employability of the students by imparting required skills and making them industry-ready

2. Increase percentage of students being place from the current 40% to 60%

3. Increase percentage of programmes accredited from 15% to 50%

4. Ensure that at least 75% of the students participate in summer internships

5. Build capacities of the technical institutions to deliver the objectives

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How to Get Sure Internship with Certificate which is valid Globally

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