Eckovation Robotics Certification Course Alumni designed an Educational Game, Brain Race

Kumar Sparsh, an Eckovation Robotics Certification Course Alumni designed an Educational Game for school students during  his summer internship. He used the learnings from the Eckovation Robotics Course and thought of designing a game (Brain Race Game) where students can learn while playing with the bot. The game is designed keeping in view the education and fun for school going students.

About the Brain Race Game

An interesting educational game designed using robotics engineering

This is a racing game with some twists. The students have to answer a few questions and with every correct answer the bot moves two steps forward. So, the student with maximum correct answers wins the race.

Highlights of Brain Race

  • Educational Game for School Students where the students with best performance in the quiz wins the race
  • Voice controlled Robot which moves ahead or back based on the answer given by students
  • LED display on the top of Robot show questions and the one word answer to the questions commands the bot to move forward or backward

Material Required to develop Brain Race Game

  • Ardino Uno
  • Motor Driver
  • Bot Chasis
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Bluetooth Module
  • LCD display
  • Servo
  • Jumpers
  • Android Phone

Working of the Brain Race Game


Importance of Internships in Engineering

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The best way to impress potential employers during your job search is to gain and highlight relevant work experience. For college students that’s typically an internship. Employers agree work experience has become increasingly important for college graduates looking for work in the engineering field, but most say not just any experience matters. In a 2014 national survey of employers conducted by the National Association of College and Employers (NACE), nearly three-quarters (74%) of employers said they prefer to hire candidates with relevant work experience, compared to 1% of those who said they don’t factor work experience into their hiring decisions – a new all-time low.

Best Summer Training cum Internship Program for Engineering Students

Benefits of Robotics Certification Course of Eckovation:

  1. Learn advanced industry skills  with the way employees are screened and hired.
  2. Give yourself an edge in the job market
  3. Gain valuable work experience
  4. Explore a career path
  5. Network with professionals in the field
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