Engineering Education: Performance Report of Engineering Colleges of India

Indian Engineering Education is one of biggest higher education sector of the globe in terms of its volume. With huge intake capacity of almost 35 lakhs (3.5 million), the sector has almost 10,000 affiliated colleges across nation.

Even with such a great numbers, there are multiple questions raised on the quality of graduates the sector is generating. There are reports coming which commented on multiple points like

  • more than 80% engineering graduates are non-employable
  • the seats are not getting filled completely
  • campus placement scenarios are not good etc.

Performance of Indian Engineering Education Sector

In this article, we are going to closely analyze the performance of Indian Engineering Sector. Using the 5 academic year data, we will do this analysis. Also, this analysis will be on 4 important parameters:

  • Total intake volume of the sector
  • The total number of seats getting filled
  • Total number of graduates we are generating
  • Campus placement of the graduates

Engineering Sector: 5 Year Performance Report

As discussed above, the 5 year data points of the 4 important parameters are collected and analysis is done. Lets start by seeing the data points, check the image given below:

Source of the data is from AICTE

Important observation from the data points of Engineering Education Sector

The average intake of the engineering education sector is around 35 lakhs (3.5 million) and by seeing the situation we can figure out where this landing up to. Let’s analyse the observation

Only 55-60% Seats are getting filled

We say there are wave towards engineering education but data does not reflect that. Out of this great volume, only 55-60% of the seats are getting filled by students. The infrastructural development which has developed to produce great engineers are under-utilized.

30-35% Dropout Rate

Even after taking the admission in engineering education, these is a significant dropout. Out of every 10 engineering students, 3 of them are leaving the college before completing their degree.

Less than 30% Campus Placement

Many of the colleges are claiming 100% campus placement by putting star marks, the actual average number of campus placement is horrible. It is less than 30%. Out of 100 students, just 30 are getting placed from college and rest are struggling to get jobs.

Reason of this fall in Engineering Education

India’s crisis of engineering education is quite visible. Several studies have pointed out low employability of engineering graduates except those from prestigious institutes.

Failed to Establish the Trust

India’s problem of substandard engineering education is now widely known. Except IITs and other prestigious technology institutes, most engineering colleges are unable to provide education to engineering student that would get them suitable jobs.

Students failed to get suitable Job

At the root of the problem is mushrooming of low-quality engineering colleges over the years. As students from such colleges fail to get suitable jobs, they face decline in enrollment. Now a large number of these colleges are being shut down.

Quality of Education is Issue: Industry is in Shortage of Engineering Employee

Guess what! even after all these huge numbers of engineering graduates, industry is struggling.

Next Step: Is there any hope

The country, India, has huge hope on graduates of the nation. If we have to achieve the mark of developed nation, have to lead the industrial revolution that is only possible to strengthen the quality of our Higher Educational Institution. Only 23 IITs and 28 NITs are not going to ensure this.

The solution is bringing scale-able solution. Eckovation is one great solution. Industrial experts and quality educators have launched 100+ programs to make student industry ready. Exponential growth is observed in skill up-gradation of these students.

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Source of the Data Points

The source of the data points is from the AICTE.

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