Is ethical hacking difficult?


Is ethical hacking difficult?



No, Ethical Hacking is not difficult at all. It is just a bit |—WIDE—|.

Part I : At First, You just need a firm grisp on the fundamentals of computer, processes, networking, types of softwares, understanding of various programming languages, knowing different OS.

Part II : After that, there’s a whole bunch of new things such as Cryptography, Botnets, Cloud Servers, Advanced Networking, DoS, DDoS, Assembly Language, Scripting Languages such as Ruby, Perl, Python, JavaScript, Writing DLLs for executional attack via memory processes, understanding vulnerabilities, use of exploits, payloads, Network Mapping, Sniffers, Several PenTesting tools for Network scan, WiFi Testing, Reverse Engineering, Digital Forensics, Mobile Security Testing, WebApp Testing and blah blah blah…

Rule to Get Started : Follow the First part of this answer in such a way that the other part gets connected as you proceed in this field.

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