GPS Based Project Ideas


Era 1970 brought a great revolution in the technology field when The US Department of Defense (DOD) first invented the GPS system. GPS is a satellite-based radio navigation system operated by U.S. Air Force that consists of a cluster of satellites revolving around the earth. GPS was originally introduced to serve military purposes. Hence, DOD launched its first navigation system satellite NAVSTAR consisting of 24 satellites in 1978. Afterward, in the year 2000, the GPS navigation system became open to the public. This free nature of GPS led to the development of many applications fulfilling the needs and demands of this modern generation.

Applications of GPS

GPS system is extremely versatile and is used in almost all sectors of technology. Some of the common uses of the GPS system are listed below.

  • With the help of GPS technology, we can get the exact time of any place around the world.
  • It can track the movement of any object
  • Creating maps of the world.
  • It plays a vital role to serve national security.
  • GPS in a communication system is very important because of its precise time synchronization nature.
  • It also plays an important role in weather forecasting, earthquake monitoring and so on.

However, this is not the end. We at eckovation can sense your excitement to know more about GPS and how it works. So here it is. You are just one click away from GPS Online Tracking.

Since GPS is in a great mood of trending, so it is essential for an engineer to stay updated with this technology. The best way to be updated is to nurture with some projects based on GPS technology.

Eckovation always keeps you updated with the latest technologies trending in this generation. Here it is:-

List of cool GPS Based Project Ideas

Theft detection & vehicle tracking

theft detection

Let’s assume you have an expensive car at your house. Unfortunately, it is stolen. Will you let it go? I guess no. So, why not you design a project that will help to locate your expensive car after being stolen and also stop it (turn off the engine) using some text messages.

In this project, you will need one GSM module (to communicate via calls and SMS), one GPS module (location of the vehicle), 16×3 LCD display and ATmega 328 microcontrollers. You will also use a DC motor that depicts the vehicle engine and a power supply.

The GPS module has two modes- user modes and theft mode. In theft mode, if there is any abnormal activity like the engine (DC Motor) is being started. The GSM module immediately sends a message to the user, informing the abnormal activity and the user can easily stop the engine(DC motor) by sending the coded message like “STOP”.

Accident detection

accident detection

In India, 150000 life’s are lost in a year due to road accidents. This is a huge number in numeric and a great loss to the society. Due to the lack of emergency services, there is a high risk of the passengers in the roadways. As you know, engineering is not only bounded to some theories and mathematical calculations but engineering serves humanity. Being an engineer whatever you do, is for the betterment of society and mankind. This project will help to detect accidents/crash of the vehicle immediately and sends the information to the family members/well-wishers.

The major components required in the project are- Arduino Uno, GPS module, GSM module, 16×2 LCD, accelerometer etc.

GPS based Handcuff system


In this system, you can restrict any person to a particular geographical area. You can check whether the person is in the allotted premises or escaped from it. This project consists of two sections- transmitter and receiver. If the two sections are in range, indicates that the person is within the allotted range. Any mismatch in the range of these two sections results the person is out from the allotted geographical area. The receiver section then sends the location of the escaped person and is trapped.

Components used in this project are- a GPS module, a GSM module, RF receiver, ATmega328p microcontrollers, Transformer, etc.

Women Safety System

women safety

Women safety in India is a big concern nowadays in this high-tech world. It is a harsh truth, which we all have to accept.  Safety of women’s matters a lot whether at home, office or in a public place. Here in this project, you can develop a system that can easily track the position of the victim within a few seconds.

If she thinks she is in danger, she can share her location address with the registered number associated with the GSM module by just pressing a button.

The components required for this project are- PIC microcontrollers, GPS module, GSM module, 16X2 LCD display, buzzer etc.

GPS based blind stick

blind stick

The most painful thing in the world is having an eye but no vision on it. The blind persons blindly depend on their sticks during their entire life. So, why not we help them and make this stick smart. In this project, we will develop a smart stick for the blind persons that will assist them from any kind of obstacles around them and will also help to locate & share its location address to the caretaker.

The major components for this project are- GSM module, GPS module, water sensor module, LCD(16×2), LDR sensor, ATmega 328 microcontrollers, buzzer, etc.

However, this is not the end of this list. With the growing development in GPS technology, it is ruling the entire communication system. The kind of impact GPS has put on our lives is that we cannot even think this world without GPS. Here are some more project ideas on GPS Technology to work on it.

  • Voice-based location identification for blind persons

  • Waitless bus tracking device

  • The wireless motor control system

  • Automatic over speed detector

  • Firefighting robot

  • Automatic mobile recharger station

  • Tracking unit for trekkers

  • GPS Navigation robot

  • Mines safety monitoring system

  • Soldier health and position tracking system

  • Landmines detection robot using GPS technology

  • Wheelchair safety system

  • GPS based clock

  • Display of GPS co-ordinate

  • GPS based speedometer

        & many more

Nevertheless, for different project ideas and certification courses with assured internship visit Eckovation and explore your knowledge.

For any queries, don’t hesitate to drop your comments below.

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