The Great Advantages of a Digital Marketing Career

One sector which is seriously creating viral growth of any product or brand is Digital Marketing – digital marketing skills are in serious demand and the digital skills gap is set to widen, the job market is booming and brands are putting more of a focus on digital marketing than ever before.

Bigger budgets, increased pay and more career choice are just some of the benefits digital marketing professionals can look forward to this year and beyond. Debating over whether to change career direction or what to study next? You might want to discover the 7 big digital marketing benefits first. They’re good, we promise.

But first, let’s look at what digital marketing is and what skills are in demand!

What is digital marketing?

In some ways, digital marketing is not that different from traditional marketing: you’ve got a product that you need to sell, and looking to ways to engage with customers to build brand awareness and eventually ‘close’ a sale. Digital marketing encompasses more roles and skills than ever before, and it’s this flexible, versatile nature of the business that makes it so fascinating and exciting.

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Why do you need Digital Marketing?

In this age of digital capitalism, Instagram models have more clout than some movie stars. People care about their favorite YouTubers more than they do for their neighbours. Newspaper running full-page advertisements are a thing of the past. This time is of flash sales on Amazon, uploading the shots of your food on Instagram, meeting new people on tinder and ordering food from Zomato. The fact is digital marketing is cheaper and more target-specific in advertising to the right demographics.

What does a Digital Marketer do?

The job of a digital marketer is to create awareness about a brand or a service that their client is providing through different channels and mediums. These mediums and channels include social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and, LinkedIn. Creating the website of the Business. Optimizing Search Engine Rankings. E-mailing the right consumers and writing blogs and content for the client.

The digital marketer usually focuses on Key Performance Indicator (KPI) on different channels to measure the performance of the business. A digital marketer who’s in charge of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), for example, measures a website’s organic traffic which is the amount of traffic coming on the website through normal google searches.

The New Age Of Marketing And Digital Transformation

Consumer habits are changing at a rapid rate, and that means marketers and entrepreneurs have to reconsider the way individuals want to shop and why. While radio and TV played a stronger role in advertising ten years ago, nowadays, with cutting-edge technology, behavior is more connected to the online world and the latest gadgets.

Why is it important to know and understand your clients?

Every startup needs clients because they will directly influence sales and overall profit. Once you become aware of what the market lacks and what your clients are expecting, you can easily meet their demands. Do research, analyze surveys and collect as much information as possible on the target audience for your product.

What does digital transformation imply?

In general terms, digital transformation means the integration of technology into all aspects of people’s lives — from how we store information, even value, to what apps we use to ease our experience with the world. From a company’s viewpoint, digitizing activities and processes can go so far as to be linked with new trends, like cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, to upgrade functionality and revenue growth.

To be more precise, according to the MIT Center for Digital Business, “Companies that have embraced digital transformation are 26 percent more profitable than their average industry competitors and enjoy a 12 percent higher market valuation.”

So far, people have adapted to the new age of technology, from shopping online via phone or tablet to adjusting their thermostat from the car before arriving home. One thing is clear: We can only move forward. No turning back.

How can digital marketing promote businesses?

This approach to marketing is centered on customer experience and how to efficiently respond to the needs and backgrounds of people who are looking to buy or invest. Simply put, digital marketing is responsible for the promotion of brands or products via electronic media. Through different media channels (internet, TV, radio), people can analyze marketing campaigns to understand the ups and downs of their company.

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5 Top Segment for building the career in Digital Marketing

Content Writer/Strategist
Content is the king in digital marketing. If you have a knack for writing then you can explore a career in content writing. The nature of content may differ from company to company, its products and the type of strategy employed. A content writer is generally responsible for creating customised marketing content for the company’s website and promoting it on social media.

Email Marketing Executive
Email marketing is a mix of conventional and digital marketing. It is one of the popular tools of digital marketing and is considered as an effective way to market the product and services using campaigns tailored to attract a specific set of audiences. An email marketing personnel is required to have basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation/Search Engine Marketing and Google Analytics, excellent written and copywriting skills and strong project management skills.

Social Media Executive
The digital space is dominated by platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Professionals who are well versed in using these tools of marketing are most-in demand. A social media executive is responsible to approach and engage the relevant target audience with the brand with help of its skills.

Analytics Expert
The role of analytics is gaining popularity among both companies and freshers. To start your career as an analytics you need to have a knack in analysing, evaluating and reading the market trends which are required to become an analyst. To get your hands on data you can start with Google Analytics.

SEO Specialist
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the soul of digital marketing. A good understanding of SEO tactics can land you a high paying job at a very initial stage of your career. The role of SEO expert is to ensure that the website content is searchable and reachable to the respective audience with the help of SEO tools.

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