Guest Lecture 1: Anuraag Singh, R&D Expert, Honda Japan

Dear Students,

Two key components of successful engineering education can be summarised as:

1)  Mastery of engineering concepts & theories

2) Exposure to industry developments & career opportunities

Despite excellent mastery of theory, awareness and mentorship could be the differentiator between success and failure. We observed there was almost no opportunity for students to gain exposure to those having a successful engineering career, learn what did they do differently at the university, what makes them grow at their job and what advice would they give to current students. We notice Eckovation, due to its vast network and access to industry leaders, is uniquely positioned to enable you to complete this second aspect of your education.

Thus we are launching the ‘Empower’ lecture series. The lecture series will have alumni from top universities, industry experts and professors from Premier institutions to share their experience and answer your questions.  In the very first lecture we are inviting Anurag Singh. Anurag joined Honda Japan after graduating from IIT Delhi. He is regarded as the R&D expert at Honda. While at IIT he worked with the Indian government to develop the ‘innovation index’. Soon Anurag will be moving to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for further studies.

Guest Lecture 1 by Mr. Anuraag Singh, R&D Expert, Honda Japan and former scientist at IIT Delhi.

Date & Time of Guest Lecture: 20th Aug, 2016 at 2pm – 3pm.

Let’s kick-start the lecture the lecture series by giving warm welcome applause to Anurag Singh. Please join the B.Tech First Year group at Eckovation to join live the lecture.

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