Happy New Year: Resolution for Every Engineering Student

New Year’s resolution is a tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life.

Resolutions can come in many forms. Some people make a promise to change a bad habit, such as quitting smoking or eating less junk food. Other people make a promise to develop a positive habit, such as starting an exercise program, volunteering in their community, or recycling more.

Story Behind New Year’s Resolution

The tradition of New Year‘s resolutions dates all the way back to 153 B.C. January is named after Janus, a mythical god of early Rome.

Janus had two faces — one looking forward, one looking backward. This allowed him to look back on the past and forward toward the future.

On December 31, the Romans imagined Janus looking backward into the old year and forward into the new year. This became a symbolic time for Romans to make resolutions for the newyear and forgive enemies for troubles in the past.

The Romans also believed Janus could forgive them for their wrongdoings in the previous year. The Romans would give gifts and make promises, believing Janus would see this and bless them in the year ahead.

And thus the New Year‘s resolution was born!



5 Must Take Resolution for Every Engineering Students in New Year

1. Learn a New Trending Skills

You know what you like and what you’re good at. But do you ever find it tricky to tell others about your skills when you’re put under pressure? It happens to lots of people, especially when it comes to filling out application forms and attending interviews. Which is why it’s a good idea to figure out your skill set before you even think about looking for a job.

New Batch is starting from Jan, 2018. The program is designed in way that you have to give 4-5 hours per week. These courses you have to do with your semester and at the end of the course we will give you certification and grand internship.

You will be doing all these things under the mentorship of IIT educators and Industrial Experts.

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2. Must Do a Minor/Mini Project During the Semester

Students work on them to improve their skills, whereas hobbyists like the fun in meddling with technology. For professionals, it’s a different ball game altogether. Mini projects form a middle ground for all segments of engineers looking to build. We compiled a list of interesting and practical mini project ideas for you to work on. Let’s look:

3. Involve yourself in co-curricular activities

Various social and other types of activities like literary, dramatic, social services etc. which attracted the attention of the child were considered as extracurricular activities.  Extracurricular activities have been renamed by educationists as co curricular, which implies that all these activities are a part of college curriculum.



Top 10 advantages of Co curricular Activity

  1.  Co-curricular activities (CCA) make a horizon for systematic and meaningful learning opportunities and prepare students for future.
  2. CCA makes you active and energetic thereby help in learning and enable to develop multiple skills to students.
  3. Co-curricular activities help in holistic development of the personality.
  4. Co-curricular activity along with formal education helps to channelize the hidden potential of the students and make you a good citizen.
  5. Domains like social, academic, intellectual, cultural, democratic, civic and aesthetic get enriched after participation in co-curricular activities.
  6. Students, who are good in sports, also have good academic record.
  7. Co-curricular activities help in realizing the importance of education and develop the spirit of healthy competition.
  8. Co-curricular activities support students practically and professionally for a better future.
  9. CCA enhances students experience, understanding and brings benefits beyond students and parents expectation.
  10. It is a good source of remaining fit and healthy, and provides you a mental rest.

4. Must explore one extra-curriculum activities

s a college graduate, you will not only be assessed by employers on the basis of your Educational Qualifications and Work Experience but also on the basis of the Extra – Curricular Activities mentioned on your Resume.

Extra – Curricular Activities give an insight into you as a person and help the reader learn more about your activities outside the classroom during your school and college life. The purpose of including these activities in your Resume is to give the reader a sense of the type of skills you have acquired due to your active participation in these activities.

The type of Extra – Curricular Activities you can mention on your Resume vary greatly from person to person. Some might choose to mention their active involvement in sports, whereas some might choose to mention their work as a volunteer with a local NGO.

As in the case of your Work Experience, the Extra – Curricular Activities you mention on Resume should try to bring out skills like Leadership, Innovation, Initiative, Team Work, Confidence, Organizational Ability, Problem – Solving Ability etc.

It is important for you to understand that each Extra – Curricular Activity you mention on your Resume represents 2 skills; one is the direct skill involved and one is the implied skill. The presence of implied skills allow you to mention Extra – Curricular Activities that have nothing to do with your job but still end up adding value to your Resume and increasing your employability.

5. In Semester Break, make sure that you will get Great Internship

“You need experience to get experience.” This seems to be the biggest issue for young adults transitioning into the workforce these days.

Employers in today’s labor market rely heavily on resumes that illustrate a relevant work history, whether that’s from internships, volunteer work, or actual job experience.

practical work background carries a major significance when attempting to enter the job market. It’s all about competition.

Not only are businesses competing against each other for a competitive advantage, but people are also competing to land that coveted position in a company.



Even your buddy who graduated with you in college has become your competition.

Take a moment and think about it. If you’re looking to gain experience, working as an intern is arguably the most advantageous plan of action.

That one internship you did over summer could be the difference between winning a job opportunity or losing it. So make sure that you should do great internship, this year.


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