How to Implement AI to your existing Application

Implementation of Artificial or Machine Learning in an application calls in for a monumental shift in the operation of an application that works sans intelligence.

This shift that is asked for by AI is what demands to look at pointers that are very different from what is needed when investing in the usual mobile app development process.

Here are the things that you will have to keep into consideration for adding AI in your existing application:

A. Identify the Issue You Would Like to Solve Through AI

What works in case of applying AI in a mobile app, as we saw in the first illustration of the article is applying the technology in one process instead of multiple. When the technology is applied in a single feature of the application, it is much easier to not just manage but also to exploit to the best extent.
So, identify which is that part of your application that would benefit from intelligence – is it recommendation? Would the technology help in giving a better ETA? – and then collect data specifically from that field.

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B. Know Your Data

Before you integrate AI in your mobile app, it is important to first get an understanding of where the data would come from. At the stage of data fetching and refinement, it would help to identify the platforms where the information would come from in the first place.
Next, you will have to look at the refinement of the data – ensuring that the data you are planning to feed in your AI module is clean, non-duplicated, and truly informative.

C. Understand that APIs are not Enough

The next big thing, when it comes to implementing AI in a mobile app is understanding that the more extensively you use it, the more unsound APIs would prove to be. While the APIs that we mentioned above are enough to convert your app into an AI app, they are not enough to support a heavy, full-fledged AI solution.
The point is, the more you want a model to be intelligent, the more you will have to work towards data modeling – something that APIs solely cannot solve.

D. Set Metrics That Would Help Gauge AI’s Effectiveness

There is hardly a point of having an AI or Machine Learning feature implemented in your mobile app until you also have the mechanism to measure its effectiveness – something which can only be drawn after getting an understanding of what exactly do you want it to solve.
So, before you head out to implement AI or even ML in your mobile app, understand what you would like it to achieve.

E. Employ Data Scientists

The last most important point to consider is employing data scientist on either your payroll or invest in a mobile app development agency that has data scientists in their team.
Data scientists will help you with all your data refining and management needs, basically, everything that is needed on a must-have level to stand and excel your Artificial Intelligence game.

This is the stage where you are now ready to implement the intelligence in your mobile application.

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