Importance of Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most talkative terms in the sector of technology and business.

Before we start with the importance of internet of things let us define it briefly. IoT or Internet of Things is the network of any objects which are embedded with electronics, sensors, software and internet connectivity, such as smartphone, tablets, computers, vehicles and even buildings that let these objects collect and exchange information. IoT is predicted to be a turning point for the human kind for several reasons.

According to Ericsson mobility report, there are 4.6 billion devices are currently connected and the number is expected to increase to almost 20 billion by 2020, according to research IDG research service study. More than 43% of total companies across the globe are using or planning to use IoT application to change the way they do business.

Currently, this marvelous technology is in its development stage but we are already seeing various applications of IoT in every sector be it to travel and transportation, retail, medical, health and personal care, agriculture. Home automation, smart buildings, google glasses, cloud computing etc. are the prime example of IoT application which is actually making every possible device with internet connection, smart!



According to research, there will be 30% increase on internet-connected physical devices and will have the considerable impact on how we communicate with each other, how school and colleges operate, and how business takes a place.

For example, IoT, beyond the classroom, will connect the students across the globe on the online platform of a mobile application or web application which will automate certain tasks such as note-taking, research and schedule checking.  The majority of middle school and high school and even college students can connect to each other and to professors through IoT.

Students rely more on internet connected devices such as tablets and laptop which brings all the necessary data at their fingertips rather the going through pile of textbooks and encyclopedias. Internet of Things will truly be the turning point and revolutionize the educational ecosystem.

The sort of world the Internet of Things can make: Envision a world in which each gadget in the home, work environment, and your vehicle are associated. A world where the lights naturally turn on when your vehicle approaches the carport, the espresso begins preparing when the morning alert goes off and the front entryway consequently opens when drawn closer by an individual from the family, however, stays bolted when an outsider lands on the front entrance.



In order to thing happened mentioned above there will be needed larger and secure platform that allows all the devices to connect directly and exchange the data. Big companies are currently developing their own platform to connect devices and looking after precise solutions to solve problems associated with application and implementation of IoT to the greater degree.

For the maximum application of IoT, all devices needed to be connected with each other no matter which company has manufactured the device.


The internet itself is the great example to explain an importance of IoT. Considering Apple has their own internet instead of having a general world wide web that can be only accessed by Apply devices such as iPad, iPhone, MacBook etc. similarly Samsung, Sony, Asus and other had their own. Can you imagine how hard would it be to stay connected with friends & family and existence of World Wide Web? Internet of Things has made possible for us to enjoy single robust internet that connects us to the globe.


There are still a few hindrances to appropriation be that as it may, for instance, the battery life of gadgets and cost of gadgets. GSM and 4G systems are utilized increasingly for IoT applications.

Moreover, the best path of data protection has not been found yet which is can lead to vulnerabilities in the entire system of IoT.  The growing importance and advancement of IoT is giving big companies run for their money as more than 40% companies are claiming the beneficial application of IoT and the number will be increased to 72% in next five years.

Considerable investment can make the revolutionary changes in each and every sector you can possibly imagine.

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