MBA vs Digital Marketing Certification Course – Which one would you opt?

Digital Marketing: One way or another, this is influencing every individual, society, organisation and the world.  

‘One Decision’- on which your future career graph depends on, obviously anyone would go for a better option. When it comes to digital marketing, it’s often seen that people get confused while choosing an MBA degree in digital marketing or pursuing a certification course in Digital Marketing.

Sounds tricky? We believe any digital marketing aspirant might have faced similar ‘either/or’ situation before making their mind. Holding an MBA degree has become a popular trend today. On the same note, an MBA degree is certainly not meant for masses.

An MBA requires a lot of money invested for a couple of years. Also, the choice of institution matters where you are earning your degree from. The door of a good MBA college opens for you after cracking the entrance exam. For that, you have to be essentially good at academics as well. Then as well, acquiring an MBA degree in Digital Marketing is genuinely a tough nut to crack.

Most of the students and professionals, therefore, seek for other invaluable alternatives returning a lucrative result within a small duration.

Considering the recent wave of digitalization, millennials are pursuing digital marketing courses all across India. This is not a sudden shift or any phenomenon. The industry is very much digitally-driven today. Without having the proper knowledge and tactics (updated) entering the digital industry is definitely a bad idea.

Only 43% of skilled digital marketers are there in the business scape.

This is true. This indicates that there is ample scope for skilled digital marketers dominating the industry. With a greater number of people are enrolling in a professional digital marketing course, the demand is precisely high-reaching.

The difference in objectives of Digital Marketing Certification Courses & MBA in Digital Marketing

1. MBA in Digital Marketing

In a degree program, you will be taught the skills and techniques of Marketing as a subject. As a subcategory, you will be introduced to ‘ digital marketing’ as a business concept. There is no individual lesson on professional skills and techniques on digital marketing. However, the degree primarily focuses on managerial skills over technical ones.

2. Digital Marketing Certification Course

Those who want to learn professional and technical skills in digital marketing should opt certification program in digital marketing. A certification course will enable an up-to-the-minute digital marketing skill along with the process of application.

Does a certification program have a greater market value than a degree in digital marketing?

We understand it’s hard to believe. But, more than theory, digital marketing largely emphasises the practical part, in other words, the application. One acquires both the technical and practical skills with the enrolment of a certification program in digital marketing.

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Why you should opt for a Certification Course over an MBA degree in Digital Marketing?

Let us get you more information on it-

1. A certification course is apt. as per industry standard

By far we have come across the fact that there is a massive requirement for trained digital marketers across almost every industry vertical. There are few professionals in operation. Many of them have little clue about the application of their theoretical fundamentals.

Also, assessing the latest market trend many institutions have included ‘digital marketing’ in their existing curriculum. But there are a few institutions which could hardly live up to the mark.

Digital marketing needs to be taught by an expert in the field and who is aware of the trends and real-time applications in the club. The problem is these experts are busy operating as a fill-length professional digital marketer. The professors who are providing digital marketing training to students just imparting a theoretical overview.

2. No professional background check

As discussed earlier pursuing an MBA degree is not a piece of cake. One needs to have a strong academic background and he/she has to essentially clear the entrance exam.

Whereas in a certification program in digital marketing you don’t need to abide by any specific academic criterion. Any student who has passed 10+2 can opt for this course. The only parameter is you have to be passionate about learning digital marketing and want to do something extra-ordinary in this field.

3. Job/Career opportunities with Digital Marketing

In recent research conducted by the Associated Chamber of Commerce (ASSOCHAM), it’s shown that almost 90% of MBA graduates are jobless.

Can’t determine regarding the other subjects, but for digital marketing, it’s because of the ‘lack of awareness’. Most of the people are plunging in it considering the mammoth prospects, whereas most of them are unaware of how it would benefit their career or business.

Apart from the top B-School like IIM and other prestigious institutions gracing the top 20 slots. The other shocking fact is after holding a prestigious MBA degree people are working 8-9 hrs. for just 10-12 thousand rupees.

This is because people are having a lack of professional skills as per industry requisite.

Thus, pursuing a certification course in digital marketing is always a better option:

On a conclusive note if we compare MBA in digital marketing with a certification program in digital marketing we get these fine points-

  • No higher professional qualification to enroll in a certification program.
  • There is no entrance exam you have to sit for.
  • A certification program is way cheaper than a degree in MBA.
  • A certification program offers hands-on training in digital marketing.
  • Also, you will get an internship opportunity and placement assurance from the institution.

Therefore, enrolling in a certification program in digital marketing is any day a good choice of career if you want a rock-solid career in this field. Once you complete the course you will have plenty of job offerings and career opportunities in your domain.

Learning professional digital marketing will always add perks to your career growth. Don’t waste time: Enroll now!

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