Inplant training for aerospace engineers

Inplant training for aerospace engineers

Inplant training or Training with Industry is one and the same thing. In this article we are going to some exciting opportunities for inplant training for aerospace engineers.

The Training Within Industry (TWI); service was created by the; United States Department of War, running from 1940 to 1950 within the War Manpower Commission.

The purpose was to provide consulting services to war-related industries whose personnel were being conscripted into the US Army at the same time the War Department was issuing orders for additional materiel. It was apparent that the shortage of trained and; skilled personnel at precisely the time they were needed most would impose a hardship on those industries, and that only improved methods of job training would address the shortfall. By the end of World War II, over 1.6 million workers in over 16,500 plants had received a certification.

This here is not about war It is about the skills that you gain during the inplant training for aerospace engineers

Aeronautics is the science or art involved with the study, design, and manufacturing of air flight capable machines,; and the techniques of operating aircraft and rockets within the atmosphere. The British Royal Aeronautical Society identifies the aspects of “aeronautical Art, Science and Engineering” and “the profession of Aeronautics (which expression includes Astronautics).”

While the term originally referred solely to operating the aircraft,; it has since been expanded to include technology;, business,; and other aspects related to aircraft. The term “aviation” is sometimes; used interchangeably with aeronautics, ;although “aeronautics” includes lighter-than-air craft such as airships, and includes ballistic; vehicles while “aviation” technically does not.

Opportunities in Inplant training for aerospace engineers

    1. Software related: Aircraft designing and simulation greatly assists in increasing the safety and improving flight stability. One should be well versed in the concepts of aerodynamics & computational analysis to work in this sector. Joining this internship will help you to develop your skills and improve your expertise on software tools like CATIA, PRO-E, ANSYS, ABAQUS, NASTRAN, FLUENT etc.
    2. UAV Training: With the drone; technology being experimented ;to assist in logistics, military;, aerial photography, etc. the scope of UAV is on the rise. There are lot of organizations which does UAV design & analysis and provides solution for industries. Joining as an intern in such organizations will help you to understand the practical aspect of aeromodelling and its applications.
    3. Project Associates: All the top institutions including IITs, IISc & NITs will be doing research projects all throughout the year which will be headed by individual professors. They will be needing project associates who can assist them in the process. You can apply for such internships to assist in projects related to aeronautics. Joining this internship will greatly help you to get good project experience and acquire great contacts which would help you to get jobs.
    4. Company Internships: This mostly involves manufacturing and production; industries where actual aircrafts ;or their spares are produced. There are lot of industrial giants who do this, but getting internships in such companies is not easy, more often it requires for you to have some contacts. Joining as an intern in these industries will greatly help you to land in your dream job, as the knowledge and experience that you will gain is priceless.

aerospace satellite communication

Top companies that offer inplant training for aerospace engineers

There are a lot of companies that offer internships for aerospace/ aeronautical students. You should be particular in selecting the companies.
Some of the notable mentions are:

  1. HAL – Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
  2. NAL – National Aerospace Laboratories
  3. ADA – Aeronautical Development Agency
  4. VSSC – Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre
  5. SDSC – Satish Dhawan Space Centre
  6. DRDL – Defence Research & Development Laboratory
  7. ISRO – Indian Space Research Organisation
  8. LPSC – Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre
  9. GTRE – Gas Turbine Research Establishment
  10. TAAL – Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Limited
  11. Atkins & UTC Aerospace
  12. Honeywell Aerospace
  13. Airbus/ Cassidian Centre
  14. Tata Mahendra
  15. GE for Turbomachinery
  16. Godrej & Boyce
  17. Tata Aerospace
  18. L&T Manufacturing
  19. Ideaforge Tech
  20. Aniara Communications

Things to do other than Inplant training for aerospace engineers

If for some reason you are unable to get an internship, don’t worry. There are plenty of other opportunities that you can utilize to develop similar skills and experience you get by doing an internship. For example, you can try the following activities instead of wasting your holidays.
aerospace factory

  1. Hands-on training programs: Attending hands-on training programs are the traditional way to learn new technologies and develop skill sets. You can choose the training programs as per your requirements and improve your skills accordingly.
  2. Building Projects: You can improve your skill sets by building projects on latest technologies to understand them better. Learning while building projects will be an effective approach for you to gain necessary skills. This experience will also add values to your profile and you can use that to impress your recruiter, as most companies prefer candidates who are more hands-on. You can also try several online project building courses.
  3. E-Learning: This is also an effective way for you to learn and gain new skills. There are various online platforms available for you, through which you can enroll for some certification courses. The advantage of doing these courses is that you can just log in anytime, anywhere and learn without any hassle.

Also, you can also read some really good articles that I have written on the Drones, which will give you an even better idea on aerospace industry.

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